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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Jepsertti said:
    Just found this on Facebook...


    @Rallycameraman so apparently you’re a pro rally driver now, eh? :joy:
    That was doing the rounds a few months ago, kept popping up on my timeline with everyone tagging him in it!

    Also, what’s going on? Feels like ages since I’ve been on the forum!

  • Re: WRC 2018 Thread

    Hyundai already revealed their car earlier

    Im a bit disappointed as a Hyundai fan, was hoping for something completely different, as barely anything has changed with the livery since the first season
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    There are a few things dirt 4 did great, such as going airborne, the weight of cars, tarmac, and how the 4 wheel drives feel through the quick sections when they really bite into the ground. Unfortunately it’s overshadowed by the game’s flaws, with rwd being the main one. I honestly feel the r5 handling isn’t too far out, but they don’t slide quite enough. Watching some videos of dirt rally recently, I feel the cars were maybe a bit too slides, but that may come with that floaty feeling they had
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    The rear wheel drive is the most disappointing thing in dirt 4. The rear wheel drive trucks feel ok, but the rally cars just don’t have that same feel Dirt Rally did. I loved the way you could really steer the cars using the throttle to kick the back end out through the corners
  • Re: WRC 2018 Thread

    Mikkelsen didn’t need to though. He’s not fighting for anything, he’s already got a contract for next year and now he’s proved that he can be quick in the car too. There was no need for him to struggle on and damage the car even more!

    Shame to see Latvala, Breen and Lefeberverbr all go out on the last day, Craig’s was a nasty crash too, glad they were ok. Luckily Citroen have a team of people that are very good at fixing roll damaged C3’s!

    Glad to see Paddon get a podium after a difficult year. I can’t believe that he’s not got a full time drive for next year! Especially when people like (no offence to the man) lefebreverebe do who are no where near as fast! Paddon is easily capable of winning rallies for Hyundai, whereas I just don’t see Sordo leading or winning an event. 

    Also a good win for Thierry. I predict he will be world champ next year! Even if Ogier stays at M-Sport (ford?). Think Mikkelsen could be a good contender for the title too.