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  • Re: Why is the McLaren MP4/4 so hard to control

    Like all cars you have to use a setup to your liking...
  • Re: AI Difficulty - Too big a gap between Expert and Legend

    xtml said:
    @Lozzy: Can you tell us why Codemasters has chosen nt to include a difficulty slider? The difficulty settings is something people are complaing about for years. Something is done for the big gap between expert en legend, but I guesss there are people who have trouble with the difference between other levels too. I believe a difficulty slider is the best option, but a lot of difficulty settings to choose from with a difference of 0.5 seconds between levels would work too. Because of the issues with difficulty settings in previous games I was hoping that this would be better in F1 2016, because this is a game breaker for a lot of people. Because of this and the fact that the career mode has a big flaw I haven't bought F1 2016 yet. I hope things will be fixed for those already playing the game and then I will buy as well.
    AMEN !
  • Re: codemasters-incorrectly working wheels! Urgently fix !!!!

    MrRoss said:
    THIS IS YOUR FIGHT AGAINST SUCH BY !?thousands who have bought !what should we do!?purchase return !?In this case, you lose the Russian market !!!!

    Defender wheels are not officially supported, that information was available before you bought the game.
  • Re: F1 2016 - AI Difficulty Gap

    A difficulty slider is the only solution to this problem, i do not understand why Codemaster have not take that in consideration a long time ago, it's been the same problem with all of their F1 games.
  • Re: You guys must be sick in the head

    Monaco "separates the wheat from the chaff"......