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  • Re: Microsoft hands out refunds for Dirt 4 on base of false advertising.

    Operator1 said:

    Ferranis said:
    Man KevM... can't you just leave it be? Just don't play D4 and be done with it. The constant complaining gets annoying.

    I think constant defending is more annoying than "constant complaining."

    We'll never see improvements & progress if people continue defending shortcomings & trying to silence criticism.

    The defending is coming when people come in and just crap all over the game by making ridiculous comments like calling it a toy game for console kids on pads. That's just pointless bashing and nothing else.
  • Re: Rally makes sense only in VR.

    Dytut said:
    Awwwwh, I'm just trying to resist the hype of the Oculus sale since I really want to wait for the next gen before hopping on the VR train. But dayum, I kinda want one now.
    It's totally worth it. The one real negative is the res but you really don't notice it when you're flying down a stage, imo anyway. Plus you can do super sampling to make it look sharper if your computer is powerful enough.

    I'm not gonna lie I'm definitely going to be a little disappointed if vr never gets implemented in d4.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Alf72 said:
    Do you all think there will be a dlc for dirt 4 ? And when it might happen?
    Why we would need a Garage for 120 cars, if there's only 55 ingame? It's pretty obvious, at least for me, they plan/planned dlcs for D4.
    When it will happen, i don't know, but i'd focus first on trying to fix "the issues" the game has, and make it a more enjoyable experience, for all.
    If they release dlcs before that, community will not be very happy, i'm sure of that.
    Just see what people were saying, on Forums, after this last patch... Now imagine if is dlcs.
    You mean the patch that deals with something that the people who deal with the actual gameplay likely had no hand in. That patch? Here's a hint, the people who actually deal with the underlying code of the software itself almost certainly have no hand in the physics model. The fact that people are acting like that being released means they aren't looking at handling shows me how little many of you actually know about software development.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    ^ KNOW all about that and customer service !!!!!!!!!!! Trust me.I also know it takes two seconds to type a response and be involved in discussions with us like they  used to in Dirt EA days ,right?Could be just some light  hearted yeah "we agree" or " looking into" .etc.
    And they did say they were looking into it just now in the road book... From what they've said they've had a majority of the dirt team out on vacation after launch. Who knows, maybe most of the people in charge of the physics and handling models have just gotten back so they really couldn't have made any statements even if they wanted to. We can speculate all we want.

    All we know for sure is they've now stated they are definitely looking into it and to look for more information in the coming weeks.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    4 weeks vacation? Wow that must not be tenure based lol.OK OK i hope soon we'll hear something.Its just hard as i really want to keep playing and know whats coming from them.
    Well this is one of the few times vacation is even really a possibility. Often times it's nose to the grind stone for months(we're talking way more than 40 hours a week) just before release to get everything done and in order. And after launch is one of the few times before people start working on post launch stuff or moving onto the next game. If cm isn't blowing smoke about vacation I'm actually happy about that as if you read into what the larger devs and producers do which is drain you for months up to release and then lay you off as soon as you're not needed.