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  • Re: Why bother with daily events when people are blatantly cheating them

    Joona, pork, dgessio, gheed and several others are all still consistently at the top just like dirt rally. Keep in mind there are a lot more people along with ps4 and Xbox in the mix.

    I'm in the same boat as far as I used to get in the top 50 on most events in dirt rally vs I'm usually in the middle of the second to top tier on dirt 4. With the occasional really good showing with a car and location I like.

    While I have no doubt there will be cheaters, as long as joona or someone else is at the top I'll believe the times.

    That being said those rally cross times do seem off.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    Heres a video of me locking the rear diff of the Mk2 and driving (very badly so please forgive me) around Dirtfish but you can see it understeering when I put the power down. Sometimes it does step out but you should be able to throttle control a slide around that donut area and it just doesn't want to. Let me know if I have done a setup wrong though...

    @SirPhilMcKraken have you driven the M3 in Spain?!?  Flip that thing over steers all day long!!  Haha, I wonder if the MK2 has a similar feel in Spain and that it's just gravel physics in general that require needs tweaking
    General Thread Question here:  Can anyone explain the 'Flag' option on each thread post??  I got 'flagged' for my response to @SirPhilMcKraken (see above) and I'm wondering why??
    Someone is being a child and flagging posts they disagree with.

    It's usually for flagging spam.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    whats worrying is the amount of trolls and bad feedback that dirt 4 has gained.dirt rally put codemasters back on the good foot this seems that this could be putting it back in the bad place. :(

    Seriously, people are making this out like the game is need for speed or something and it's sad to see the hard work they put in be put in jeopardy because of this type of back lash. Yes something is odd with the rear of the cars on gravel, it's still lots of fun and it's definitely not easy to push to the limit. I know I'm better at dirt rally still.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    SSDs are amazing. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to platter drives for the OS.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    bogani said:
    I!m pretty sure the diff thing was that the tourque bias slider was wrong before. Only affected 4WD cars. Full front meant full rear vice versa. It was a discovery of @Evilsmurf
    That definitely is going to effect a lot of my setups. I'm almost always 60%+ to the rear when that's available to tune. Now I'll be interested to see how they feel once set properly as I've apparently been inducing more understeer on almost all of the 4wd cars.

    So another thing I've been noticing as I've been driving the group b pug more. I get this ridiculous pendulum effect when driving at the limit that gets worse and worse the more you try to correct it. I recall some people talking way back in this thread about something similar. Anyone ever get a fix as it almost feels like it's a ffb or wheel setting problem more than anything else.