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Scyy Co-Driver


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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Looks like I'm definitely gonna give wrc7 a look. I'm still probably gonna play more dirt 4 though, especially once leagues are implemented.
  • Re: WRC 2017 Thread

    Remember who mentored Meeke, backing off, even when the car will bite you, will not happen.
    Pretty much, he's to much like Colin for better or worse.
  • Re: Shift change is meaningless in DiRT4?

    dgeesi0 said:
    Scyy said:
    You definitely get bogged down being in to high a gear.
    well its not actually right.there is no " one way " of doing anything. i mainly short shift on windy roads.

    you will hear many say its wrong but its not.many of my world records on dirt rally use this technique on wales.as in many cars it turns out faster.

    here is a explanation why. http://www.modernracer.com/tips/shortshifting.html

    I understand that. The way I understood the op was he was saying you could get just as much power starting in max gear vs the optimal gear which is definitely not the case.
  • Re: FIA WRX 2017

    It's overview of the first two heats than full coverage of heat 3 and on.
  • Re: Future of DiRT 4 - The road ahead?

    mesa said:
    I'm tired to read paid comments about how D4 is better than Dirt Rally
    I will switch to WRC 7 / pCars2 soon, cause this game has no future
    Is that really how you think?

    "They like something I don't. They must be shills!!"