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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Finally sat down and got a good few hours in. Absolutely amazing, I've been caught out in corners so many times already and it's all my fault and it's great.

    The feeling of the car and weight transfer is so much better than dirt rally. I'm honestly questioning how people are calling this arcade, yes the back grips a bit much but properly applied left foot braking and throttle control gets the car turning in just fine. The hand brake definitely feels like it should be getting the car more unstable but I didn't use the hand brake much and used flicks and left foot braking to get turned in on dirt rally so this fits my driving style anyway.

    All that being said that's one aspect out of many and I personally feel like most other aspects are a noticeable improvement. Even if cm never changed it I would still prefer this over dirt rally and it's funny weightless cars. I honestly don't see myself playing dirt rally again outside of finishing a few leagues.

    I also wanted to make a comment about the ai as some expressed concerns about their times being slow. So I've been playing on champion as I haven't unlocked fearless yet. I don't win every stage and I've actually gotten second or third in events which is actually a good thing as I generally never lost to the ai and would win masters championships by minutes at this point on dirt rally. So I'm actually ok with the ai at this point. I'm sure it could be different at different locations though as I haven't played all of them enough to get a good gauge of the ai.
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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Rygar86 said:

    urgaffel said:

    gfRally said:

    So glad I'm in murica and get it Tuesday instead of Friday. If all goes well, should have it Monday evening.

    Paul confirmed in the live stream that's actually not correct, and you get it on June 9th like everybody else :D
    @Rallycameraman ;
    flagged for abuse!   :p 

    Im on a roll...

    @ChristinaMc Just wanted to say thank you for the replay.  

    Please. please, this is not a criticism only a question: but it looks like there are only 2 modes for viewing a replay (in car and mixed)?  @kickup mentioned at one point we would be able to just pick a predesignated point on the route, manually, and wait for car to pass... I must have read that wrong then.

    I am really going to enjoy this game, I know I ask a lot of questions about replay, and I know its not the point of the game.  I just enjoy watching these and making the occasional video of them.  So no matter what we get, its not going to kill the game for me, they are all just curiosities, and never to criticize, it seems like you have really listened to the community for D4 and I am grateful of the efforts.

    You've got all the car cameras plus mixed which includes trackside and others plus helicopter camera. That's for Rally, other modes might be different, can't remember

    Also, 25 is comparatively young :expressionless:

    Wait a minute, Ive been hearing that they have improved the camera selections compared to Dirt Rally, what you describe for D4 just sounds the same as what Dirt Rally has. I was sure that I heard that there is a seperate TV/trackside camera that is not part of a mixed rotating view and also a seperate helicopter camera that likewise is not part of a mixed rotating view. So that if you just want a TV view of the entire stage you can have it, isnt this what D4 is supposed to have?

    In the live stream Paul said there was helicopter only and stage side only.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Scyy said:

    Yep I'm hoping to see some more substantial tarmac rally gameplay soon. 

    Isr had a video of almost exclusively Spain and it looked good.

    Is there a link to this?

    So it's all mixed into a video about Johns impressions but there is a good 10+ minutes laced into the video if I'm recalling correctly.  Sadly it's not direct captured but still gives a good idea about Spain.

  • Re: FIA WRX 2017

    @tbtstt you can use opera with it's built in VPN and set it to Germany. Worked for last race.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    RookieOne said:
    Didzis said: 
    KickUp said:
    3) we have some of the DirtFish cars. When you attend the school the cars will have their livery. 
    Dirtfish has BRZ's, any chance we'll see them in DiRT4? Would love some modern RWD's
    Screw the BR-Z, I want the  Toyota 86 instead :lol:
    What I want is an old school 80s ae86.