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  • Re: WRC 2017 Thread

    They should do a second snow rally in Canada or northern usa. Do it after Sweden and go to Mexico after.
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  • Re: Future of DiRT 4 - The road ahead?

    mesa said:
    I'm tired to read paid comments about how D4 is better than Dirt Rally
    I will switch to WRC 7 / pCars2 soon, cause this game has no future
    Is that really how you think?

    "They like something I don't. They must be shills!!"
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @griev0r So after some more playing I think I jumped to a conclusion. While it says it's a button it does seem to act as an axis now that I've tested strictly for it. I think i was to tired last night to really control the throttle properly so it felt wide open most of the time. That being said it still never shows up in the axis detection menu and the brakes feel off and since I can't look at the axis I can't verify.

    Another issue that is rather annoying is when the game sets the steering lock it never changes back after I exit the game. I have to use the settings menu on the cswv2.5 to switch steering lock from aut to another value and back again. So you can imagine how off it felt when I played dirt 4 again with the steering lock already set there so it was taking that rotation off of the already lowered rotation setting. Felt like I was driving in an f1 car hitting lock with half a rotation. It's not a game breaker but first time I've ever had this happen on this wheel and frankly shouldn't happen. I'm sure this is probably only affecting certain rig combinations though.

    All that being said the stages are great and the physics really surprised me in a good way. I still feel that dirt is better in the physics department but this is definitely better than wrc6.
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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @Scyy what you are describing is exactly what was mentioned in the video and he got it working. Please see my post above (the one right before yours): http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/302299/#Comment_302299
    Thank you @LudwigVonMises I'll try this out once I'm back on my computer. I will say the game seemed like it could be decent but only getting 0% and 100% throttle and brake inputs was really pissing me off when I was trying it.

    My excuse for not seeing your post is it was late and i just wanted to post my findings since others were curious about multi inputs. Once I try out what they were saying on isr I'll post back if it all works out.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Alf72 said:
    Do you all think there will be a dlc for dirt 4 ? And when it might happen?
    Why we would need a Garage for 120 cars, if there's only 55 ingame? It's pretty obvious, at least for me, they plan/planned dlcs for D4.
    When it will happen, i don't know, but i'd focus first on trying to fix "the issues" the game has, and make it a more enjoyable experience, for all.
    If they release dlcs before that, community will not be very happy, i'm sure of that.
    Just see what people were saying, on Forums, after this last patch... Now imagine if is dlcs.
    You mean the patch that deals with something that the people who deal with the actual gameplay likely had no hand in. That patch? Here's a hint, the people who actually deal with the underlying code of the software itself almost certainly have no hand in the physics model. The fact that people are acting like that being released means they aren't looking at handling shows me how little many of you actually know about software development.