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  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    whats worrying is the amount of trolls and bad feedback that dirt 4 has gained.dirt rally put codemasters back on the good foot this seems that this could be putting it back in the bad place. :(

    Seriously, people are making this out like the game is need for speed or something and it's sad to see the hard work they put in be put in jeopardy because of this type of back lash. Yes something is odd with the rear of the cars on gravel, it's still lots of fun and it's definitely not easy to push to the limit. I know I'm better at dirt rally still.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    Thanks for the tip @dgeesi0 on the self aligning torque for the pendulum effect I was getting. It's way better now that I've lowered it quite a bit. I actually find I'm doing better with most of the cars now that I changed it.
  • Re: A Series Rally Championship issue

    versedi said:

    Group A and Historic RWD (that with BMW M3) are bugged right now. The AI is doing times better than WR on global leaderboard.

    Just wanted to add that I believe it's not every car in Group A that "breaks" the AI.
    I used the Lancer Evo 6 and the AI set "normal" - as in beatable - times it seemed. But with the Lancia it definitely seems to be bugged.
    The 95 Subaru will do the same. I'll have to check out the evo and see if it's different for me.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    Scyy said:
    griev0r said:
    Headlong said:
    If you watch the vid that Gheed posted of the car sliding the rear end and then getting a ton of understeer as the rear end bites and the front of the car hits the off cambered and depressed part of the downhill hairpin, and then as he gets on throttle he gets oversteer as the back of the car then hits the depressed off cambered side. I mean this is truly superb.
    I truly don't get this point of view.  It was a downhill hairpin, he started to slide and the rear tires stepped out - on an off camber part of the road I might add - then instantly gripped and pointed the car forward.  It then proceeded to understeer like a dump truck.  What exactly did it dig into?  He was still on the road, and unless that certain part was the softest dirt known to man that shouldn't have happened.

    This is the gif he is talking about, and it looks so so wrong to me.  It's pretty much widely agreed that this car in particular is one of the worst offenders in the game when it comes to this anti oversteer/straightening the car out.

    And don't get me wrong, I love the game but it definitely needs some adjustments.  That's why we are here giving feedback.  CM were fantastic listening to the community with DR, so I have high hopes they will iron these things out.
    How did CM respond to these forums/threads in DR?  Do they read these then reply within the thread?  Or is there another place where they officially say stuff , post some sort of official statement?
    They have said they are looking into it but don't want to jump the gun and release a quick fix that will break other things in an effort to fix this. Similar to how v2 physics in dr made a number of other problems while fixing the initial problems.
    Sorry, what I mean is, where do you find where CM releases official 'statements'?  What thread do they converse on?
    Whoops a little out of it and misread your post. Usually the dirty gossip thread is where they interact and answer questions. @KickUp @Hatward @ChristinaMc and @urgaffel are the main cm employees that post there.
  • Re: All Tracks seems generated and repeated...

    Voidhawk said:
    This is the first uteration of "your stage".

    Given time this will evolve and perhaps they will consider DLC tile packs etc.

    I get exactly what you are saying but I also believe only a minority will even notice (or care about) the repetition.

    Your points are valid though.

    You speak for all of us do you then? What you believe, clearly isnt true and shouldnt be put a s "fact". I have played games for 30 years and owned them all and consoles, and dirt 4 was traded in the next day, why? Because its boring and dull, because the track editor is terrible. Codemasters have been lazy and thought they could get away with it, so they dont have to create real tracks, you dont speak for me or thousands others in the same boat. Dirt rally wins everytime.
    Have fun hot lapping, whoops i mean rallying on dirt rally.

    If you can't even see the reason why they went this route I don't know what to tell you. Sure it has areas that definitely need to be improved but that's pretty much the case with all ambitious ideas like this. I hope the idea doesn't get trashed because of people who are this short sighted.

    I myself am absolutely loving that we finally can have long stages with truly long straights, something no rally game really ever has had.
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