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  • Re: Microsoft hands out refunds for Dirt 4 on base of false advertising.

    Operator1 said:

    Ferranis said:
    Man KevM... can't you just leave it be? Just don't play D4 and be done with it. The constant complaining gets annoying.

    I think constant defending is more annoying than "constant complaining."

    We'll never see improvements & progress if people continue defending shortcomings & trying to silence criticism.

    The defending is coming when people come in and just crap all over the game by making ridiculous comments like calling it a toy game for console kids on pads. That's just pointless bashing and nothing else.
  • Re: Why bother with Rallycross daily events when people are blatantly cheating them

    Joona, pork, dgessio, gheed and several others are all still consistently at the top just like dirt rally. Keep in mind there are a lot more people along with ps4 and Xbox in the mix.

    I'm in the same boat as far as I used to get in the top 50 on most events in dirt rally vs I'm usually in the middle of the second to top tier on dirt 4. With the occasional really good showing with a car and location I like.

    While I have no doubt there will be cheaters, as long as joona or someone else is at the top I'll believe the times.

    That being said those rally cross times do seem off.
  • Re: Driving up to the marshal not marshall

    Nobody asked you....this question was for people who are capable of saying no once and while not the resident yes man
    "This question is for those that agree with me as I want my opinion validated."
  • Re: Spot on (honest) review

    So because you agree with it, it's honesty. Look up what confirmation bias is.
  • Re: Reviews are out ... less sim than Dirt Rally ?!

    MaXyMsrpl said:
    Believe me I know what I'm talking about. Cars are easy to drive while driving slow. Driving on the edge is f*** hard and complex thing.
    We all can agree that driving car in simulation (ie computer game) is even harder because you cannot feel the car by your back so you cannot react as soon as in real car. But if you want simulate real thing, you have at least create a reproduction which performs the same way at least under corner conditions.
    Since that, you cannot create a car which has a few times better lateral grip and justify it by saing: real cars are not hard to drive.
    First, simulate car which performs simmilar to real one. Then make its handling as easy as possible to gimmick simplicity of driving you are talking about. but without touching performance.
    So I'll expect to see you topping the leader boards since the game is so easy.