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  • Re: Codemasters signs to do F1 games for 3 more years.

    ZoieLiu said:
    3 more years of a lot of patches and no problem fixing...
    Yes, it's definitely a bad news!
    They will never improve and solve the problem, only know how to ban people.

    PS. We say that, this post will be blocked or ban us?

    Only if you start acting like little children and start insulting other members. Play nice and thread will stay
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    KevM said:
    The one thing I can't really get my head round and it's no disrespect to anyone, but why the heck did the community testers not pick up on the issue & express dissatisfaction before the release?  
    They did, where do you think @SirPhilMcKraken's picture comes from? He originally drew it and posted it in the community test forum to try and visually explain what he was describing. He posted it before the games release, after a couple of pages of discussion about possible causes/fixes.

    We only had about a weeks testing time before release so Codies weren't able to patch it in time. The thread is 17 pages long and if people are discussing something out here, it's been discussed in there, and if it's been discussed in there then Codies have put it on the to do sheet and distributed it to the relevant department for fixing. How long it takes to fix it depends on the problem, some were simple tweaks, some aren't.
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    Is it me, or is there even more idiots around than when DR launched?
    It's about the same tbh
  • Re: Bring back LMA manager over due

    8 posts since I last posted in this thread, 9 months ago. Mostly from accounts with 1 post. You are not atypical. Our resident Korean spammer makes more posts than that every day.

    Codemasters stopped making the game for a reason, it wasn't selling enough copies to be profitable. They said at the time that they were going to concentrate on racing games from now on.

  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    The setting you are looking for is Linearity, it adjusts steering input based on your speed