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  • Re: "Your stage" is everything a rally fan could ask?

    DESMOPT said:

    When you are a rally fan like myself, you play the game over and over again, until you get to know the stages ... with your eyes closed ... you lose the fear - that´s not Rally.
    When i first heard of  Your Stage i couldn´t believe it! will this be what myself and others have waited for decades? Will we have Dirt Rally physics/simulation on amazing new tracks every time we pick the game? Is this real?

    What´s you thoughts on this?


    Went to Codies HQ in November to test DiRT4. Didn't realise I'd been driving randomly generated stages all day until a couple of months later (true story, I thought we'd tested Codies generated stages in the morning and YourStage in the afternoon). The stages ran smoothly and even though I'd started to recognise some corners upon entry, the exits were always different.

    It really changes the atmosphere, not knowing what is actually round the next bend.

    TL:DR Yes, it's brilliant


  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Nicky Grist isn't English, he's Welsh ;)           
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    You can only name them on your machine due to the potential for rude names, which you know will happen
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I normally hide during the pre release hype for a game as they often fail to live up to it. Which would have made being the mod on here really difficult if I hadn't been lucky enough to get to try it out before the hype began.

    The downside to that is that I've been in the impatient, release it already mode since November.

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Areyouben said:

    They say that their new IP will "sort of" involve racing. Not really how I would describe a WRC game. :|

    I think that it describes the last few years of the WRC games perfectly