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  • Re: PC to Tv?

    Yes. I have played D:R on my pc while it's been connected to tv's, monitors and a projector, the only noticable difference was screen size.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Just flagged over 10 of them and closed a few. There's a special place in hell for whoever is behind this.
    Just banned a load.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    bogani said:
    I agree about the stages. I'm also disapointed that they ditch the "real" stages.
    No they didn't. Real tracks AND a track creator.
    Azoresst said:
     About "Your Stage" for those who tried it out, it's just a temporary thing or can we save them and drive later? WIll it be part on the career?
    Save and drive later, save and give to your mates so they can drive it later

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    EDDSkitz said:
    I will say this, so it doesn't seem like I'm just hating...

    The sim/arcade switch seems good, and I trust the posters here that have been there and say it's good. 
    I am a bit worried about integration between the two on leaderboard.

    I love the procedurally generated track idea..... if it works.
    It would absolutely NEED a pace note creator. 

    This also feels like it's setup for DLC, which I'm okay with, so long as it means more REAL laser mapped stages in the future. 

    While some stages are fresh every year, or have different configuration, most drivers DO memorize sections and corners of stages. Sometimes even entire stages! 

    Having a variety is really awesome, but to sacrifice realism from actual stages for completely random ones I feel may be a mistake.
    The track generator works. How well does it work Skid? Well, they asked me what I thought about it and I said I hadn't tried it yet, unaware that I'd been trying it for 3 hours at that point.

    Again, there are real, actual stages in game and a track editor. They are 2 seperate things, like the arcade/sim handling. You want to race random tracks, you can, if you don't, don't.

    I'll be totally honest here. When we first walked into the room I was hugely disappointed because I was looking at an orange backdrop with the legend DiRT4 on it. Then @KickUp starting explaining some stuff, I wasn't really listening at the start, I just kept thinking "DiRT4? Bollocks, we're going backwards". I started listening when he started talking about how the game was designed be the best of both worlds to appeal to both types of racers, purists and arcaders, with 2 different, selectable, handling styles. You chose which you want.

    When they finally let us loose on the machines all my doubts disappeared. I was playing with sim handling, the lad next to me was using arcade as that is what we are used to. Both of us were happy chappy's, both handling models were working perfectly. The pacenotes were being called by 2 different people (1 would call 1 note, then the other would call out the next), but were called at the right times (in game you will be able to chose between the 2).

    When it was over I was just as excited about DiRT4 as I had been about DiRT Rally 2.

  • Re: Bring back LMA manager over due

    Lfcfan said:
    Theres millions off people wanting this game to be re released.

    Platy said:
    Millions is a huge exaggeration.

    Lfcfan said:
    Platy it's actually not an exaggeration.

    Lfcfan said:
    OK millions arnt putting comments bit off an over exaggeration

    Lfcfan said:
    there's is 10 off thousands that have commented.
    Lfcfan said:
    There's at least 10 forums created in last 10 days on here alone in general discussions.

    Best thread of the week. 1000 to Millions, back down to 10's of thousands.

    But in the real world...

    3 threads, 2 of which are yours, 1 of which has 1 reply, from you.

    The thread that isn't yours has 1 reply, from you. And you had to dig that thread up because it wasn't on the front page, or the 2nd, or the 3rd.

    And they are the only threads about the game since I don't know when. You're flogging a dead horse