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  • Re: Codemasters signs to do F1 games for 3 more years.

    ZoieLiu said:
    3 more years of a lot of patches and no problem fixing...
    Yes, it's definitely a bad news!
    They will never improve and solve the problem, only know how to ban people.

    PS. We say that, this post will be blocked or ban us?

    Only if you start acting like little children and start insulting other members. Play nice and thread will stay
  • Re: Make a good stable multiplayer not an ios game

    Operator1 said:
    They know they can release patches & fixes later because so many people continue to pre-order & buy games immediately at launch, which only provides the funding that incentivizes game companies to continue releasing worse & worse quality at every launch. Everyone who continues to fund & defend such practices is directly contributing to the problem and making games worse for all of us. We don't have to accept it, but so many people choose (& pay) to accept it that it fuels the downward quality spiral for everyone.
    First time I heard this arguement was 15 years ago, when the Xbox came out and started using the release buggy game now- patch later method.

    Operator1 said:,
    How are game companies not being "selfish" for prioritizing their own profits at the expense of delivering quality to their customers?
    This is called Capitalism. Companies are required, by law, to maximize profits for shareholders. Do I agree with it? Nope. Will posting on a forum change it? Nope.

    Operator1 said:

    There is something fundamentally flawed about a business model that depends on delivering poor quality in order for the company to sustain itself. If a company's bottom line relies on failing to deliver, then it's not a "business" at all - it's fraud. It doesn't require any special business acumen to take people's money & give them defective goods in exchange for it.
    See above.

    Operator1 said:

    False. I've been around since before a time when games (& other software) worked at launch. Games (& other software) shipped without major defects for many years before it became so easy to sell dysfunctional messes with the shadow of hope that post-launch patches might eventually arrive some day later. Technology has advanced, but quality has regressed. And it's not because the technology is "too complicated" now - the tools & talent available now are such that quality indie games developed by smaller & smaller teams continue to grow in popularity. Poor quality software is a human problem, not a technology problem. The only reason quality keeps getting worse is because people keep buying it & defending it no matter how bad it gets. If anything is a "millennial problem," it's the impatience that compels over-eager pre-ordering & anxious launch-day purchasing, along with apologists continually defending dysfunctional games.

    No you haven't. I remember ZX-81 games that were buggy. So does this guy http://www.sqij.co.uk/csscgc2015 The 81 in the name is the year the ZX-81 came out, it was the first afforable home computer.

    You are literally arguing in favor of broken games, which automatically makes your arguments invalid.
    Nope, just pointing out the flaws in your arguement.
  • Re: Forum Mods - Applications Now Closed

    Quick tip for you @F1randokalbus22. When you apply to be a mod don't tell them you've broken the rules, especially if it's a bannable offence. You now have 1 account and a warning.
  • Re: After patch 1.11 problem with wheel settings on ps4

    4th ban for you Leon, 3rd of the day             

  • Re: Thrustmaster Wheel Workaround


    "A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem in a system. A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that a genuine solution to the problem is needed."