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  • Re: "Your stage" is everything a rally fan could ask?

    DESMOPT said:

    When you are a rally fan like myself, you play the game over and over again, until you get to know the stages ... with your eyes closed ... you lose the fear - that´s not Rally.
    When i first heard of  Your Stage i couldn´t believe it! will this be what myself and others have waited for decades? Will we have Dirt Rally physics/simulation on amazing new tracks every time we pick the game? Is this real?

    What´s you thoughts on this?


    Went to Codies HQ in November to test DiRT4. Didn't realise I'd been driving randomly generated stages all day until a couple of months later (true story, I thought we'd tested Codies generated stages in the morning and YourStage in the afternoon). The stages ran smoothly and even though I'd started to recognise some corners upon entry, the exits were always different.

    It really changes the atmosphere, not knowing what is actually round the next bend.

    TL:DR Yes, it's brilliant


  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Nicky Grist isn't English, he's Welsh ;)           
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Areyouben said:

    They say that their new IP will "sort of" involve racing. Not really how I would describe a WRC game. :|

    I think that it describes the last few years of the WRC games perfectly
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    True story. I've got 2 brothers and a brother in law, 1 brother was trying to get me to buy a PS4, the other was trying to get me to buy an XBone. Both my brothers tried for ages to convince to buy their respective machine. One day, out of the blue my bro in law said to "Build a pc instead, you can have custom paintjobs in DiRT 3 and record your replays using your graphics card".

    He should have done the mic drop and walked away, coz he'd just made the winning arguement, with 1 sentence. I didn't need to hear that I could build a faster machine with better graphics to play the same games, for cheaper, easily upgradable, or any of the other million and 1 reasons why I should upgrade my crappy old pc. Realistic skin jobs and recordable replays was all it took :)
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Busterbvi said:

    Let the existing Escort Mk2 keep its place in the list, just give a makeover so we get an authentic period works / Sutton Car with BDG on Webers, how much work can it be ?

    The answer is somewhere in the thread.

    First they would have to arrange licensing for the RS1800, then find an RS1800, scan/draw the RS1800, record the audio of the RS1800, sort out the physics/handling model for the RS1800.

    Longest/most difficult part of the process, licensing the RS1800 in the first place.

    MaXyMsrpl said:

    bogani said:

    MaXyMsrpl said:

    There were several features missing in DR I was really wanting to come in DLC or a successor. But right now it's confirmed by @KickUp that none of them we will see. At least in initial release, which in some cases is almost equal to never:
    1. longer stages
    2. replays
    3. 3 monitor support (powered by nVidia SMP)
    4. Rift/Vive support

    What about replays? Elaborate.

    It's already confirmed that replay system is not going to be improved (comparing to D:R). It means, no possibility of saving replays for further replaying/re-editing.

    Actually, it's been confirmed that the replay system has been given a overhaul with different camera angles (less Gymkhana friendly camera placement, more crowd based camera angles) and the abilty to watch the entire race from helicopter view, but that they can't add a Save Replay option (which they must be getting fed up of having to repeat for every DiRT game since I started asking for it when they released DiRT)