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  • Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Rally themed: Comics / Movies / Anime / Fiction / Music / Documents etc.

    Discovery Channel series behind the scenes of Subarus 2006 season. Engineering the World Rally. Picture quality is cack, but it's a pretty interesting watch.

  • Re: SPAM - The endless annoyance

    I'm already here. I banned 6 pages of spambots before you even got here lol
  • Re: So do you think they can’t...or won’t FIX IT?

    DEECO said:

    I think it what he is trying to say re: their replies....is the people who do communicate with us on the forums, are probably required to have their statements/announcements/answers reviewed and approved by potentially more than just one person.....
    Nope, that's not what I was saying. The only people who monitor mod or admin responses on here are the forum members. It doesn't mean that we can write any old thing we feel like though. There are rules to be followed, things we can talk about, things we can't.

  • Re: So do you think they can’t...or won’t FIX IT?

    DEECO said:

    Ok. Put programming aside. 

    How was the Safety Car not recognized in Testing?
    How was the R&D Upgrades not working properly not recognized in Testing?
    If they were recognized during testing, did they just decide to go ahead and sell it before they knew if they could fix it or not?

    As I said in my opening comment, it seems like this can apply to almost every game I’ve bought over the last 2-3 years. And I didn’t even buy this game until a month ago. EDIT: By every game, I mean across XB1 and PS4, and every company (excluding Guerilla in my experience, but I bought HZD waaay after release date)

    They’re just questions. 
    Contracts, Release Dates, F1M, Non Disclosure Agreements, Annual Releases, Advertising Schedules.

    Some force the company to release 'unfinished' products which can be patched later (Contracts, Advertising Schedules, F1M, Annual Releases). These things were agreed by lawyers, negotiators, owners of the licence and Codies management who have absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the games.

    The company can be fined if they don't release a game on the agreed release date, which was agreed by people who don't work on the game, before work had even began.

    Some force the staff to remain tight lipped about anything problematic, or only allows them to talk about certain aspects of the games/development (NDA's). For example, I know of a 'bug' that Codies got slammed for by forum members that not only had nothing to do with them. but they weren't allowed to mention that the problem wasn't at their end, it was another companies fault, and that it wasn't a 'bug', it was an intentional business strategy by the other company to make their own customers buy their new product, and as a result was unpatchable.

    Some bugs don't show up when tested on closed networks or online amongst 20-30 beta testers, but become apparent when thousands of gamers get hold of it. And even those bugs that are discovered have to be patched, and due to the tight scheduling (DiRT4 testers got the game a week before release, not sure about F1 17), most won't be fixed by release date and are usually part of the first patch, and the second, and the third.

    Some patches create new bugs, which require new patches, which can create new bugs, which require new patches...

    Another reason for not replying to forum members questions is that the same questions are asked over and over by different people, and were answered when they were first asked. Those answered may have been ignored, ridiculed, shouted down by forum members who don't believe them and chose to believe that Codemasters are an omnipotent, all controlling, corporation that chooses to frustrate its customer base by intentionally releasing 'unfinished, 'shoddy', 'bug riddled' games, designed to alienate it's own customer base, instead of being a small company with a limited staff and budget, struggling to make the best game they can in the time frame they have been given.

    I'm not saying that everyting I've just written is to blame, or that they are the only things involved, they are just examples of some of the problems the Codie devs have to deal with, on every release.

  • Re: So do you think they can’t...or won’t FIX IT?

    DEECO said:
     Of course you could potentially be verbally stoned for being an apologist.
    It wouldn't be the first time :D