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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    What we have here is a battle between 2 different types of racer, sim and arcade.

    Sim racers want 100% accuracy at all costs, arcade racers want a fun 'pick up and play' game that they can play with their mates.

    And Codemasters are stuck in the middle with the impossible task of pleasing both sides, because neither side can seem to generate enough sales on it's own to justify making the game their way. So compromises have to made on both sides to get a game we can all play.

    I didn't envy @Kick_Up in November when he had to explain to a group of mostly hardcore rally sim proponents why Codies had decided on what appeared to some of us as a backwards step when he introduced us to their new baby, DiRT4 (a lot of the people in that room were the people who had asked for D:R in the first place).

    Is everything perfect in the game? No. You should see the list of stuff the beta testers have listed in the test forum for Codies to look at. Will Codies fix what they can? I believe so.

    I know it sounds like fluff, but the DiRT team really do care about the game and us, their fans on both sides of the fence. They want to make the best rally game possible, for as many fans as possible. Surely the way they patched D:R as often as they did (with many of the patches requiring a reworking of major parts of the program) and Kick_Up's many responses to questions (often repeated) on here shows you how much it means to them to get it right.

    I'm not asking you to give them a free pass when it comes to DiRT4, but I am asking some of you to stop fighting and at least wait until you've actually played the game before condemning them for supposed 'game breaking' failures.
  • Re: Dirt Rally V1.1 bugs Codies clearly don't read them

    Seeing as Codies enjoy taking our hard earned cash and churning out bug riddled releases that we have to wait forever for bugs to be fixed I thought I'd start a page where you can freely and openly express your thoughts on this joke of a developer. In one hand they create a great game but it's got more bugs than a school in December!! 

    Am I alone in thinking that the Community Manager is inept, given that I have never had response to direct messages or tagged in posts? 

    the same thing happened to F1 2015, the T300 was all but useless with the game and yet it took over 6 months to actually fix the issue. 

    They seem great at pre-release marketing, rolling their dog turd of a release in glitter and spraying with perfume to hide the smell 

    Evilsmurf said:

    Seems the bulk of your problem is F1, here is the link you need for that http://forums.codemasters.com/categories/f1-games-technical-assistance As for DiRT, they are working on a patch to fix all the issues, rather than just fixing each one at a time. It's all communicated here, in these forums if you look.

    F1 2015 isn't my issue any longer, I solved that matter by deciding my £50 disc could be better put to use as a tea coaster lol. I have posted many times on that section of the forum to give my constructive feedback on the numerous bugs. It's like one way therapy talking to Codemasters....
    Really? So you're not doing the thing you mention in this thread from the F1 forum then?
    Guys my advice is make yourself heard. Codemasters have repeatedly ignore us and given no apology or information regarding this bug ridden excuse for code. Seeing as @justbiglee ;seems to spend more time posting on the Dirt forums maybe we should start posting there and seeing if we get noticed. I went onto the Project Cars forum where there were complaints about a few bugs affecting the game, the lead dev replied personally and said we must do better!! Would you ever get that from a Codies dev?? I think we all know the answer to that one...