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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    CM, listen up, might have a great idea for future YourStage:

    Generating might be the best way to mold the road itself, since it creates the actual road-mesh and believable nature of the road (like necesary terrain-molding for roads, you can´t just draw a gravel texture over terrain), but the actual character of a track most of the time requires creativity you can`t achieve automated (unless training high level neural networks). So how about something like this:
    Additionally to making the tiles smaller, best would be half-corner-tile-size, how about when generating a strip of road, show way more details with zoom options, surface type and so on in the preview picture. And offer the ability to the player to lock-down a specific stretch of road he likes and just re-generate the rest. This way you'd keep the simple nature of the generator, while giving the audience much more power in creating a stage that looks how they want it.
    After having generated the layout they want, you could offer to Auto-prop it with roadside objects or to manual-prop:
    For the latter you'd actually load up the generated stage, but with no props at all, all freely available to be placed anywhere. There the player can let go with creativity placing fences, houses, trees, Haystacks, barriers, spectators, banners, fires, Hinkelsteine, Trucks, cars, guardrails, logpiles, flags, etc. with road-placed props being actively included in pacenotes ("chicane", "caution"). This could allow to create stages with character and journey by the users and still keep the ease of the generator.

    Saving a custom stage wouldn't need more than currently, plus the number, type and location of the props. Don't know what the limit for consoles is in savegame size, but you could simply allow consoles to have only a few custom stages locally and the rest in cloud-save to circumvent this?
    Hope I expressed what I mean somewhat understandable. Just a(nother) suggestion to consider for follow-up rally-sim-game ;)
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    bogani said:
    In DR the Audi gives the visual impression that it is a big, wide and heavy car. In D4 I don't get the same impression when in the car. I can't put my finger on why that is. I even double checked with Codies that the default FOV is the same in both games, and it is.

    At first I also liked the FFB better in D4 but after I've been having some fun in DR I must retract that. The FFB gives you much more information in DR.
    Sounds alright. It's just a visual illusion, the quattro is actually quite a small car:


    @Dirtgame on Twitter relpied that people with modded liveries Will be allowed to play clubs, so I think that online leaderboards and all the other stuff too
    Sorry guys, just to clarify on this - your in-game livery designs will be available to use, but anything created outside of the branding suite won't be, as it'll detect the game files that have been modded. Apologies for any confusion!
    This just renders all custom made liveries useless for PvP driving doesn't it?
    Are there at least more patterns for the branding suite on the horizon then?
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    tbtstt said:
    sqdstr said:
    Not gossip but anyone else on here who watches the Grand Tour?
    Just watched the season 2 preview trailer on amazon and there was a Martini Lancia 037 in it.
    I watched the first season and was, for the most part, very disappointed. I hope season 2 will be an improvement, the inclusion of a 037 is a step in the right direction!
    Yeah, GT lost some of the TG flair, it really felt a bit americanized, but maybe they've learned for season 2. Also watched the new TG, which also wasn't as good as the old, but they seem to learn and focus more on Rory and Chris (H. not Evans), who might really make TG their own now.

    What I really miss are those specials though. Anyone seen the TG North Pole, Patagonia, Birma, River Nile or Botswana Specials ? Those were the days
  • Re: Future of DiRT 4 - The road ahead?

    sean0393 said:
    If Colin McRae were still alive he would be saying 'what do you mean, a rally game where you can't actually slide or drift? ****. I am ashamed to have actually pre ordered this pile of rubbish. Dirt rally was way more enjoyable than this crap. Project cars 2 will hopefully give me my rallying thrills for the next year cause this series is going nowhere till then
    Maybe you have some different D4 than me, but I slide my cars all over the place. Let me show you a clip right here, with steering input. What you can see is, that I'm steering infront the corner and have steering somewhat more straight during the corner. This is driving style only fast on actual loose surface and not on tarmac.

    I do agree, that D4 in some cars feels more grippy, than I think it should be in the real world. But you DO indeed still drive on properly loose surfaces in D4 which reward loose surface driving style. It's a very grippy gravel yes, but no tarmac.