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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    dgeesi0 said:
    another game with toyotas in why cant codies get them but everyone else can ? :/

    whatever the next rally game is make sure the iconic events courses tracks are in.
    I still think YourStage is definately the right direction. Don't go back to just replicate stages from real life. The locations are iconic, not all the stages and not knowing the stage is part of rallying. CM should instead refine YourStage to a point, where you don't feel so much as of now, that you drive a generated stage.

    Maybe they should go more procedural and away from the "Tiles" concept. Just starting with a location, without any roads and lay in the roads completely dynamic. Yourstage can alreay vary in height, same tiles can be level, uphill or downhill, just how the stage needs it. So you could start with much smaller pieces of surface, like 1m of road and mold them together dynamically up and down. Once the road is laid into the environment, a second generation process could start to create the roadside. Dynamically placing fences, houses, puddles, spectators, guardrails, significant trees, bushes, logpiles, trucks, cars, etc.  
    It already does this at some places, but the size of the tiles is to big, so they feel repetitive.

    Right now it's probably easier for the algorithm to find a road as it has a subset of tiles that all fit together in a believable way and can just pick one at random.  If much smaller roadpieces all fit together, they can no longer be put together randomly, as it would end up in a super-messy spaghetti-road, so refining such a believable road-construction-algorithm is probably the difficult part here
  • Re: Dirt Rally - Why Still So Expensive?

    MrDeap said:
    mesa said:
    Because Dirt Rally still the Best available rally simulator on the market now.

    I think you meant it's closer of being arcade like. DiRT 4 is simulator.
    You can't even slide the cars on power in Dirt 4, which is a necessity in rallying most of the time and the great Colin McRae did that a lot. Dirt 4 is not a simulator.
    You can slide them on power. Adjust the settings a bit. I agree there is something off, but D4 is more Simulation than DR, which is also more Simulation than any other rally game.

    In D4 finally the car has proper weight and jumps aren't launching you into space anymore (looking at you Finland)
  • Re: DiRT 4 - version 1.04 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Saloio said:
    Nice update , thanks for nothing, still can't play it, cause theres no update for thrustmaster t500rs ps4, i bought this game on day one for nothing , do you have any ideia how much is a game here in Portugal?, its expensive, so, when you buy a game on they one (at that price), you must know it and like it very much, otherwise you wait for the price to drop, thats why im very hungry about this...!!!
    This is on you, pal. It's not a bug, it was never included in the first place. PS4 doesn't support some wheels if not specifically programmed for. And DiRT 4 supported wheels list got online way before launch: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt-4/05/dirt-4-faq/

    You see no T500 for PS4. I'm not saying it is a good thing it's missing and sure it certainly could be there if theay would invest the time.
    But I'm saying: You did know from the start (At least you could've and should've researched for that info), that DiRT 4 on PS4 would not work with your wheel.

    I would suggest to you: Consider selling your T500 base and get a used T300 base, you can even use the T500 Rim on it. Or get a new T300RS. Or DiRT 4 for PC. Or continue waiting for the T500 Update, which could come sure, but CM has no obligation to do it, since they never claimed that'd be included anyway.

  • Re: Dirt rally ps4 too hard to beat ai

    For the record improving is not fun it's long boring and arduous. Everyone saying it's rewarding I'm sorry but for something be rewarding it has to reward you with something ie winning
    If you would participate in a real rally and came in 10th on your first (out of 25), I would already feel rewarded by the fact of being better than half of all participants. If you'd come in 5th on your second rally you would feel rewarded for improving a lot.

    Reward is not about winning, but about achieving something, whatever that something is. 

    If achieving something means to you that you can easily win a competition with little effort, then this game might not be for your taste. (And most competitive real sports aren't either)
  • Re: DRC - DiRT Rally Championship

    SkyRex said:
    By the way: CrazyNevada, choose the car class for the next DRC Season. 
     I think the 70's would be cool.
    so it shall be.  But I will surely not drive that maniac stratos

    For the next legendary I will propose  a different setup : Tuning will be allowed at every country-change. there will be two service-parks, one after 6 and one after 12 stages. And the country order will change, since it's tire-independant now, so we can get finland out of the 120km-part:
    Germany-Finland1/2 - Service Park -Finland 2/2 - Monte Carlo - Service Park- Sweden - Wales - Greece (24 Stages total)
    with owned cars, career engineers and totally free car choice