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  • Re: D4RC - Global Community League: The DiRT 4 Rally Championship

    Well since the clubs actually don't allow what I planned for this league and current interest seems to be low, I think best might be to wait for the announced update regarding the road ahead.
    If there is further support along the way, it might draw more people back, and a league will be worthwhile. Maybe they'll also increase the number of events per championship from 6 to 12. Especially since it was already possible in DR.
    No mixed events is also a real bummer...
    Well, we'll see how it goes.

    I could setup a test league though, if at least 10 people show their interest in competing?
  • Re: D4RC - Global Community League: The DiRT 4 Rally Championship

    Following Problem: you can at Most setup 6 rallys per Championship. So the Plan of running locations twice goes out the window it seems... Or has anyone Suggestions?

    Edit: also seems like its only one location per rally. So mixed events like the planned spain are also impossible
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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I don't know why people have such a problem with D4. Its a fun game, I like it. No game is perfect. Its much more satisfying if you take each game for what it is.
    Sure it`s fun in a black box.
    But for those who had tremendous fun with Dirt Rally, it`s predecessor, there was a certain expectation which wasn`t fully delivered on. I would wish for a rally simulator, which captures the motorsport as real as possible, while still being fun. Like, I have to admit, Pcars2 managed to do for track-motorsport. Many hoped D4 would be that and there are steps in the right direction (drive to marshal, team management, damage improvement, the general "idea" of yourstage...) but also noticebly step-backs from DR and that`s the real thing people are upset about (some physics problem related to grip, the repetitiveness of yourstage, ...) And the general lack of post-launch support compared to what the community was used to with DR.

    For me, D4 is after all still superior to DR, due to better tarmac, better weight-physics, better  cars, but it isn`t what I hoped for. So I hoped that it would be crafted to that post-launch, as many others did, but so far nothing. I got my moneys worth with well over 100h played but I won`t get close to DRs 350h.
    What I hoped for was generally a DiRT Rally with fixed weight physics, realistic damage, more cars, more locations, longer stages and more immersion (like driving to marshall), all deliverd in good working VR. And by now my hopes are fading on D4 becoming that. 

    So why are many frustrated here? Because Codemasters is after all this still the best when it comes to offroad. So the hopes for the perfect offroad sim lay mainly on them currently. I`m all for competition but it looks bad elsewhere. Milestone? Pffhh... sounds are killing any immersion. Kylotonn? Nice stages, bad physics resolution and no VR. Even now DR is way ahead to them. And that`s already all. Literally no other competition. It`s arguably a niche market.. So hopes go to CM and so does frustration.

    Maybe SMS does actually split the franchise and make a Rally Sim, i think that could be equal competition for once.
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    CM, listen up, might have a great idea for future YourStage:

    Generating might be the best way to mold the road itself, since it creates the actual road-mesh and believable nature of the road (like necesary terrain-molding for roads, you can´t just draw a gravel texture over terrain), but the actual character of a track most of the time requires creativity you can`t achieve automated (unless training high level neural networks). So how about something like this:
    Additionally to making the tiles smaller, best would be half-corner-tile-size, how about when generating a strip of road, show way more details with zoom options, surface type and so on in the preview picture. And offer the ability to the player to lock-down a specific stretch of road he likes and just re-generate the rest. This way you'd keep the simple nature of the generator, while giving the audience much more power in creating a stage that looks how they want it.
    After having generated the layout they want, you could offer to Auto-prop it with roadside objects or to manual-prop:
    For the latter you'd actually load up the generated stage, but with no props at all, all freely available to be placed anywhere. There the player can let go with creativity placing fences, houses, trees, Haystacks, barriers, spectators, banners, fires, Hinkelsteine, Trucks, cars, guardrails, logpiles, flags, etc. with road-placed props being actively included in pacenotes ("chicane", "caution"). This could allow to create stages with character and journey by the users and still keep the ease of the generator.

    Saving a custom stage wouldn't need more than currently, plus the number, type and location of the props. Don't know what the limit for consoles is in savegame size, but you could simply allow consoles to have only a few custom stages locally and the rest in cloud-save to circumvent this?
    Hope I expressed what I mean somewhat understandable. Just a(nother) suggestion to consider for follow-up rally-sim-game ;)
  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    sqdstr said:
    Finally figured out why all WRC7 videos look so utterly un-natural to me:

    First, I have to admit, WRC 7 looks to be way way better than I expected. Narrow stages, that are very long and seemingly a great overall stage-design, which captures the journey of going through a changing environment. The graphics of the cars and stages also look "good-enough" and even the physics look somewhat resembling a kind of real car so far.

    But: Sound and Co-Pilot are meh, as well as that "dampening" camera movements. But most disturbing, I found out now, is the road surface to me. In above video it becomes obvious, that there are very harsh 'digital`transitions on the road. Not only the texture makes line-edge-line-edge instead of smooth curves, but the road does as well and in three dimensions. The bumps and dips aren't smooth but harsh, clearly visible in the car movements. It seems like the surface is modelled with way to big triangles/polygons. Almost as if they just used one modelling resolution for the track surface and the surroundings combined.
    Normally you'd save triangles in the surroundings, since you don't need the precise fidelity there, and you'd increase the triangle-resolution drastically the closer you are to objects you are actually physically interacting with. In driving sims this is most importantly the surface you're driving on.
    As it is there in WRC 7, it`s just like driving in the PS2-era or like old RBR... 
    To me this totally breaks immersion. Roads are not build with absolute flat concrete plates stitched together, especially gravel roads.

    For those confused about what the heck I'm on about:

    This is how it should generally be to be resource efficient and precise:

    This is how it looks like WRC 7 models it:

    And this is the physical precision I would wish for in an offroad simulation: