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  • Re: F1 2017 REALLY CODE MASTERS??????

    I wasn’t expecting much from the graphics to be fair as 2016 was the foundation and 2017 was the content, and they have very much delivered on the content.

     Now they have the foundation for content I believe they will spent time on graphics for 2018.

    I’m really enjoying the racing in 2017, had some great dog fights.
  • Re: List of ideas and constructive criticism for future F1 titles by Codemasters

    SmiX said:
    • Online replay & save replay !!! (in our league we have so many problems deciding on player penalties or even finding what happened)
    • League penalties - after seeing replay you can give penalties on actual or future race (DSQ, +XX seconds, -5 positions on next race start ...) IN GAME - no more manual/external counting
    • Race marshals removing debries and cars (including heavy machines), SC will be out only for time they are removing the cars (if you don't believe it is possible, have a look on old Microprose games!)
    • Penalty points for dangerous aka Torpedo driving
    • Testing sessions during season & pre season (get some R&D points, new testing programs - test new component)
    • get new/young/Kubica drivers to Friday testing
    • (as previous point can lead us to ...) start your carrer with friday practice in ongoing season - example: random friday practice ... if you are good, you will get an offer for some more and later a first season ... (but F2 is also a very nice option!)

    Would love to see marshals removing cars, would make it so much more realistic instead of the standard 3 lap safety car.
  • Re: Tyre Temps to High

    A quick search on google will state the tyre blankets are hotter than operating temperatures. stop trying to find bugs that don't exist.
  • Re: Big Disappointment with 1.5.0 patch

    Drive with a harder team than Mercedes then it won't be a problem :blush:
  • Re: F1 2016 Dedicated Setup Website

    Runalf said:
    I dont see any setups?                     
    It's not out yet :p