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  • Re: A very positive year for Codemasters ! Merry Christmas to all you hard working folks!

    I think instead of all the harping and carping in these forums, there should be way more kudos being dished out - cause it's well deserved! Great job Codemasters and thanks for all the patches since game launch!  Looking forward to F1 2018 and the new track addition. 
     Why are you thanking them for patches? They wouldn't need so many patches if they sold us a working product in the first place! Now I'm realistic and expect a few glitches (but not this many), but I don't feel much gratitude towards them because there's still quite a bit they haven't fixed.

     How does giving out "kudos" help anything or anyone? Will it result in a better game for next time, or the faint chance of F1 2017 not being abandoned completely? No.

      If these are your thoughts, maybe thinking isn't for you. Still, you've always got a certain member's posts to "disagree" with for no apparent reason. That must keep you occupied.
  • Re: Why I think F1 2018 may be the final F1 Game...

    Great post, Lil Brown. Hopefully at least some of it can register with our resident contrarian.
  • Re: Measures against cheaters?

     What a sad little child Sethioz must be. "Oooh I can make the car jump in the air!". 

     It doesn't surprise me. Would be nice if CM did something about it, not for my sake as I won't get anywhere near the top of the TT leaderboard, but for those who are genuinely quick.
  • Re: Codemasters skulking in the shadows, and you all know it's true.

    mceci1 said:
    Really getting sick of seeing people sulking because things take time, WAIT and see what happens. They ARE releasing another patch and my guess is it will be a big one
     I notice that you can't keep your silliness to just one thread. Heaven forbid that we might expect the game to function properly when we purchase it. 
  • Re: Absolute waste of a game

    mceci1 said:
    Other then internet lag we at ASR have had no issues. Never heard of these issues either. Maybe the lobby was full of noobs. That's my guess. 
     Utterly ridiculous comment.