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  • Re: Which was the worst Williams driver line up?

    SgtKubica said:
    TAKIINOUE said:

    2014&15: Well beaten by Grosjean, who isn't exactly one of the better drivers on the grid.


    I'll have you know Grosjean is one of the best drivers on the grid. Remember Belgium 2015, where he came 3rd in a car that should have finished 10th-14th, beating the likes of Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Bottas, and Massa in a fair fight. Also, Dubai 2015 where he came from dead last to 8th. Let's not forget Spain 2014 massively qualifying the car in 6th (I think) and finished in the top 10 in a car that was fighting over 15th and 16th. And the end of 2013 where he scored 6 podiums in 8 races, actually beating Raikkonen in majority of them. Although he didn't have the greatest start, he definitely developed as a great driver
     The Lotus in 2013 was an excellent car, probably the 2nd best to Red Bull. Grosjean should actually have finished higher in the championship than 7th. Kimi outqualified him 11-6 despite his relationship with the team deteriorating. Remember that they weren't even paying him.

     Having said that, Romain has beaten all of his teammates since then. I just think his teammates are very bad since Kimi.
  • Re: Which was the worst Williams driver line up?

     Well, Barrichello outqualified Maldonado 10-8 in 2011. Average qualifying position is not a great method to use, as one great qualifying session can completely skew the average. So yes, Pastor was beaten for speed, and this was a Rubens way, way past his best.

    In 2013,  Bottas outqualified Maldonado 12-7 and also finished ahead in the championship. 

     I think it's also a bit sneaky to say "Maldonado lost by 6 points difference". That's fine if it's something like 112-106, but 8-2 is FOUR times as many points. Grosjean also outqualified Maldonado 11-4 in 2014 (and four times Maldonado failed to set a time in qualifying, usually due to him crashing rather than an unfortunate engine failure, so I could have called it 15-4 ). 

    In 2015, Grosjean outqualified Maldonado 17-2. So yes, I stand by "well beaten"

  • Re: Which was the worst Williams driver line up?

    UP100 said:
    Senna755 said:
    UP100 said:
    Maldonado wasn't a bad driver. He was 3rd fastest driver in Minardi's tests back in 2004 only behind the drivers who raced for the team the next season. Also that car did not have any rear downforce... It was a torpedo tbh

    In 2012 season Maldonado:
    -Got on pole and won in Spain
    -Started second in Singapore
    -Started 3rd in Abu Dhabi
    One pole and one win doesn't set him apart from Senna or Stroll.  His career was (pun intended) a car crash.  He was in F1 for five seasons and his freak win was his only podium.  In that time he scored less than a hundred points and retired from the race more than 30 times.

    As for Bruno Senna, he was always expected to live up to somebody else's reputation.  Had he had a different name and flown in under the radar, his career might have been very different.

    2011 Williams was basically the 4th worst car on the grid

    2012 Williams was great on some circuits and was able to beat Alonso's Ferrari in a duel for the win.

    2013 Williams sucked

    2014 Lotus sucked

    2015 Lotus sucked, They had no money

    He tries to push the car so much because he had really terrible cars and seems to be as quick as Grosjean in qualifying as the Lotus drivers usually qualified behind each other
    Could also look at it this way:

    2011: Beaten by an old man
    2012: Fair play, won a race. But finishing 15th in the championship in a car that proved quick at times? Not good. Take the win away (which is fair as the Spain result was a complete outlier) and Senna actually outscored him.
    2013: Lost to rookie Bottas
    2014&15: Well beaten by Grosjean, who isn't exactly one of the better drivers on the grid.
  • Re: New game for F1 2018 or a polished version of F1 2017?

    A new game. Why would I want to pay for the same game twice? How is that justifiable?

     Why would anyone ask for loot boxes? Maybe showing my age a little, but I expect to have the whole game when I purchase it. Otherwise what's the point? I don't even agree with having DLC. If they're going to add these classic tracks/cars, then just include them with the game.