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  • Re: F1 Halos 2018 et al.

    I dislike the Halo as much as anyone (not sure what "safety" issue they are trying to solve here, serious accidents are very rare in modern F1 and the halo will not put an end to them), but they can't exactly remove it. As real life F1 will have the halo, so will the game. I just hope they implement it well enough.
  • Re: A very positive year for Codemasters ! Merry Christmas to all you hard working folks!

    kevinkirk said:
    TAKIINOUE said:
    I think instead of all the harping and carping in these forums, there should be way more kudos being dished out - cause it's well deserved! Great job Codemasters and thanks for all the patches since game launch!  Looking forward to F1 2018 and the new track addition. 
     Why are you thanking them for patches? They wouldn't need so many patches if they sold us a working product in the first place! Now I'm realistic and expect a few glitches (but not this many), but I don't feel much gratitude towards them because there's still quite a bit they haven't fixed.

     How does giving out "kudos" help anything or anyone? Will it result in a better game for next time, or the faint chance of F1 2017 not being abandoned completely? No.

      If these are your thoughts, maybe thinking isn't for you. Still, you've always got a certain member's posts to "disagree" with for no apparent reason. That must keep you occupied.
      Why attack him over what is your gameplay? If his gameplay is anything like mine then a kudos is indeed deserved because we are not seeing the majority of the bugs being discussed on this forum. The kudos is based on his gameplay, not yours.     
     Attacking? Don't be so dramatic. I'm asking how kudos does any good whatsoever. And consider his post, he's saying that WE should be dishing out more "kudos" instead of "harping and carping". So I think I was well within my rights to respond to that.
  • Re: Does anyone know why FOM is so strict

    FOM just protect their brand, you have the teams themselves on top of that, each team need to sign off on updates and changes, if they don't respond then Codemasters can't use the updates for that team.  Vettel's gloves is the perfect example of this.

     Is it?  I wonder how much is truly FOM's fault? Like Operator said, plenty of people blame them when Codemasters is criticised for a missing (or incorrect) feature in the game, but Codemasters themselves rarely do this. Without Codemasters or the FOM saying anything about it, what makes people so sure everything is FOM's fault? 
  • Re: How to fix McLaren-Honda's teammate bug

    They have to train the AI when they change the performance of the cars. That's the problem.
    They improved Force India very easily a few patches ago. Top speed will not require anything to the extent than chassis did if any at all.

    I'm in full agreement with OP. It was wrong to make the Honda that much slower to begin with since the Mclaren's have been in or around the top ten ever since the summer break and were never as far back as 17th/18th every race even from the start of the season. What has resulted in their constructors position is not the speed of the car bur rather the reliability of it. Alonso was in the points in all of the first few races until reliability hit so the car was clearly capable if it didn't break down.

    Personally I think they should make it so it's just behind Renault but decrease the reliability of it slightly. That way you'll be forced to take the penalties until reliability is upgraded which would balance out the increase in speed. Their chassis should also be considerably closer to Force India.
    But they just switched the teams. They did nothing special performance wise. And about McLaren-Honda: "I have never raced with less power." They were really that slow.
    They didn't switch the teams, they increased the Force India chassis performance. They started off around the same level as Renault for chassis on release but now it's close to Red Bull by default.

    Yes they were slow, but in game they're TOO slow. Mclaren on merit have been as fast as Renault and Williams for the second half of the season so the game having them constantly get knocked out in Q1 and not able to get close to the top ten is simply unrealistic.

    The idea some of us have for having them faster in a straight line in game than perhaps they were in real life (despite being as fast as Renault in some speed traps) is to minimise the effect of the teammate bug. If there was no bug then it wouldn't matter where they are now so much. It should be at least on Sauber's level though despite that and an increase in chassis performance. They should be above Toro Rosso and Haas overall.
    Exactly. I'm surprised that some folk still regard McLaren as the second weakest team. It is clear that they are better than Haas and Toro Rosso, and I'd say even their engine is probably better than Sauber's (because although it's a Ferrari, it's a year old).
  • Re: Pad wheel rebalance!

     There are no hidden assists in the pad for goodness sake. Why on earth would the makers of my controller think "Oh let's put in something to help users with one game, that one game being F1 2017 (which hadn't even been released at the time I bought my controller)!*? They wouldn't.

      I can't believe that this theory even has legs, it's absolute nonsense.