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  • Re: Rain rain rain

    1henryw said:
    It drives me crazy. Especially as I’m not very good in the wet so it’s like bam there goes my objectives for this session :(
    Yeah I know how you feel. I don't get rain every race, but it happens far too often. I'd imagine it wouldn't be difficult to fix this, so I hope they can patch it so we only have a few wet sessions per season. It would make it much more enjoyable in career mode.

     I'm also not very good in the rain but I'm getting better thanks to plenty of practice lol.
  • Re: Why F1 2017's Career isn't right...

    I had a look at this and noted the retirements throughout the season in my career mode. What i found was 31 retirements for the whole year (Out of the front runners, Raikkonen had 2, but the other three only had 1), which is actually a fair bit lower than what you'd expect in reality. So if they reduced the no. of retirements, I'd hardly see any.

     It's still the weather that is annoying me. There was rain in Russia, Baku. Spa, Monza, Sepang, Suzuka, C.O.T.A and Interlagos. The second half of the season being absolutely absurd. How often do Codies think it rains in F1?

     Not really related, but I think Vettel was unlikely to win the championship anyway. He had a failure which meant he finished 4th in Sepang, losing 6 points to Hamilton, and then of course the mechanical retirement in Suzuka, so that's 29 points lost (seeing as Hamilton had all but won the championship with 3 races to go, the 29 points lost doesn't really cover it). The problem is that between Monaco and Interlagos, he won 1 race while Hamilton won 7. He simply stopped winning.
  • Re: T-Cam will die in 2018

    TAKIINOUE said:
    TAKIINOUE said:
    TAKIINOUE said:
    Yeah, cockpit cam isn't particularly realistic anyway. As for camera settings, people tend to choose which one they like best. I prefer the TV cam, but I'm sure I could easily drive without it. I don't think the camera angle makes you faster, it's just more convenient. But if I'd only ever used cockpit cam, I'm sure I'd find that easier too.

     There are lots of things people do to make it easier. Most of the hot laps on the TT leaderboards are achieved driving a Mercedes. I wonder why they don't choose a Sauber? :)
    Why would you compare camera angles to different cars though? That doesn't make any sense.
    Why not? :)

    Seriously, it's more the principle of people choosing something because it's easier/they're more comfortable with it rather than me thinking they are the same thing. 
    Right, why would I eat chocolate if I can just jump off a bridge?
     Why indeed? But I'm just saying that people will generally choose what's better (yes, that includes "easier") for them.I would only purposely make things more difficult for myself if I were destroying the AI at 110.
    Just the opposite for me. If we consider that people really are using T-Cam, you can pretend it's a driving assist. Now, I'd personally try mastering driving without any assists, before I bump up the difficulty. 
     I think T-Cam is one "assist" I could never get rid of tbh (I don't use any others nowadays). I don't like causing collisions with the AI and there's a certain YouTuber who uses cockpit cam only to keep spinning the AI around because he obviously doesn't have a great view from there, so I understand fully why most YTers use T-cam It also looks better on there, from a spectator point of view.
  • Re: Should I give up?

    As someone on here said a while back, career mode isn't a career, it's just a season with 200 races!

     To make things more interesting, they should have a shake up of the grid after each season (as that's when most of the performance jumps happen IRL), or at least every 2-3 seasons. I actually don't mind parts failing, but I can see how frustrating it is if it keeps happening. Try to save up resource points towards the end of the season and then get a load of upgrades for Australia next year. These upgrades (in my experience) never fail!
  • Re: F1 Halos 2018 et al.

    I dislike the Halo as much as anyone (not sure what "safety" issue they are trying to solve here, serious accidents are very rare in modern F1 and the halo will not put an end to them), but they can't exactly remove it. As real life F1 will have the halo, so will the game. I just hope they implement it well enough.