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  • Re: Team love me but every other team hates me???

    FRACTURED said:
    Thread title made me think this was a Jeopardy question.

    "Are you Kevin Magnussen"
    Hahaha! *Applause*
  • Re: Rebalance to Medium TC

    To be fair, I use medium TC and while tyre wear is harsh around Bahrain (as it was anyway), I'm fine around Russia. Can even make the tyres last longer than "High Tyre Management" suggests. 
  • Re: F1 2018 Game Ideas

    Hello guys,

    i've been a fan of F1 for a long time now, and just recently fell back into actually playing F1 Games
    on my computer, started again with F1 2016. (My last F1-game before that was - honestly - Grand Prix 2,
    back in 1995.

    Well, then, here's my ideas for the mix:
    (Edit: i apologize, if any of the following ideas have been posted before, i honestly haven't read all 10
    pages of comments before this one...)

    .)   For "Carreer" Mode:  Add the various TestingSessions to the calendar
         - Feb 27 to March 02 and March 07 to March 10 in Barcelona (pre-season)
         - April 18 and 19 in Bahrain (after the GP)
         - August 01 and 02 in Hungary, (after the GP)
         - November 28 and 29 in Abu Dhabi (after the GP, post-season)
         with increased Resource Points for additional R&D for those, who put in the extra time and effort
         in the admittedly boring, but necessary work. (e.g.: Resource Points per Lap cap not like in the free
         practices after 10 laps already, but for instance cap at 50 laps per session or so, rewarding the effort.)
         Difficulty to implement:   Are you kidding? Everything needed for a basic version of this is already
         in the game: The Racetracks, The ResourcePoint System, the R&D-Tree.
         This could be extended though, perhaps with very specific tasks&targets, collecting very specific
         data helpful towards an in-progress-engine update, or aero-update, or chassis-wise. Speeding up
         the process (shortening the research time), when completed successfully.

    .)    For all Sessions: Fully Manual Pit Lane Entry and Exit.
         (maybe as new option in the driving assists). And as a consequence of that:
         - additional practice programme or target: "Accurate PitStop"
         - consequences for the pitcrew, if sloppy pit pox entry (e.g. need aditional time to reposition)
         Difficulty to implement:   hmm, i can see how this might be a little more complex as far as
         animation of the pitcrew is concerned, moving away from the static pre-scripted motions right now.

    .)   Different Voices on the Radio
         Have not only Jeff talk to us during practices and race (for timing and status updates), but also
         Chris, the engineer, for things concerning the car, e.g.: overheating tyres, overheating engine, the likes.
         And maybe someone resembling the TeamBoss, with a message at the end of the race, congratulating
         or scolding, depending on the result.
         Would make for a little variety on the radio.
         Difficulty to implement:   Very Easy. Someone is already doing the VoiceRecordings for the
         Mechanic, why not do a few more?

    .)   Add Role Playing Elements
         What i mean by that is:  Create the opportunity for interactions between the driver and all kinds
         of people in the Business. Starting inside the team itself:  Engineers, TeamBoss, Manager (i'm thinking
         about you, Emma Jenkins), but also with people outside the Team:  Sponsors, Media Reps...
         That includes:  Add more (real life-)characters to each team:  TeamBoss, Chief Designer, Chief-Engine-
         Engineer, Chief Aero-Engineer, PR-Rep, ...

         The kind of Relationship the driver forms with the different people have effect on the driver's carreer.
         For instance:
         -) Reporters ask stupid questions, do you still answer gracefully, or tell them to go to hell?
            -> Image in Media can positively/negatively impact Relationships with Sponsors, Contract Negotiations.
         -) Sponsors demand driver's time for PR-Events here and there. Do you comply, keep the sponsors happy,
            and score extra support (e.g.: Additional Resource Points, already exists in a small fashion in F1 2017),
            or do you shut them off because you have something else, seemingly more important planned instead?
         -) Driver did remember to get Emma Jenkins a little something for her birthday, so she thinks of this
            driver first, when some promising opportunity arises...
         The possibilities are endless.
         Difficulty to implement:   Depending on the degree of implementation, the level of depth.
         Potentially huge, i have no illusions about that. And a case could be made that this moves some of the
         focus of the game away from the driving.

    .)   Add "The Shop" / "The Factory" to the list of locations.
         Between the races, during the offseason, the driver spends a lot of time there, to talk to the engineers
         (see above, role playing elements), discuss R&D, unlock update research, negotiate contracts,...
         Difficulty to implement:   Depending on the degree of implementation.
         If it's only one facility for all the teams alike, then probably not that much. The amount grows of course,
         if the different facilities of all 10 teams are replicated. But, honestly: Wouldn't you love to see the
         iconic McLaren Technology Centre in the game, from the outside and the inside?
         Or the Ferrari Factory in Maranello? Or the Williams Headquarters in Grove, UK?

    Last, but not least, my ever so biggest Item on my WishList!
    The fact, that we still need to ask for this next point, actually makes me cry. Literally:
    .)   Add Car Telemetry
         like we already had it in Geoff Crammond's "Grand Prix 2" back in 1995, for cryin' out loud!!
         For the tinkerers it is a HUGE deal, to see how much of the ride height is left at the bottom
         of "Eau Rouge", or which of the brake disks tends to overheat an the end of the finish line in Baku,
         or if the tires are getting too hot in Curva Grande... Lots if useful information that can go into car setup!!!
         Difficulty to implement:   Can't be that hard. As i said, was already existing in 1995.....

    So, those my ideas right off the top of my head... what'ya think?

    Cheers, Alexis
     I really like those ideas, definitely need more immersion, all the team HQ look exactly the same right now.

     I wonder what I'll get Emma for her birthday and how she will reward me for it :wink:
  • Re: While you are closing threads, maybe deal with the spam???

     Well, it's not surprising given the recent behaviour of one of our esteemed moderators. 

  • Re: Why I think F1 2018 may be the final F1 Game...

    Great post, Lil Brown. Hopefully at least some of it can register with our resident contrarian.