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  • Re: Patch 1.11 - Discussion Thread

    JP072 said:
    @jennyannem @F1Support

    is there a multiplayer patch coming in the future?
    like : setupglitch,lag, framedrops when someone leave the lobby or get disconnected, safety car really not working online, or just framerate problems in q and race?

    good to see that your busy with the offline part but what about the online aspect of the game?

    in my eyes multiplayer is in a bad state at the moment( from release in fact )
    What setup glitch?
  • Safety Car Issue - MP Online Championship

    I know some might have already reported that but I did not find that thread so am starting new one
    Console: PS4
    Patch: 1.7
    Mode: Multiplayer Online Championship
    Circuit: Australia

    We enabled safety car and have damage on simulation
    Many cars crashed with debris remaining on track in corners that deserve a safety car (turn before last, turn 5 as examples), safety car was not released not even a VSC. Only yellow flags, crashed car disappeared in seconds then all back green
    Safety car comes out only in very heavy rain conditions when visibility becomes near to none. Fair enough! Yet the big issue is that cars that are far away in the back could not catch the safety car (10 cars width) in time. They took 2 drive through penalties, 1 got DSQ

    I believe this needs tweaking like extend the count down timer to 60 seconds instead of 30 seconds. SC benefit is about diving into the pit, changing your tyres for fresh rubber
    In conditions mentioned above, it is impossible to dive in and catch the safety car in matter of 30 seconds. If not increase the count down timer, possibly wait for 2 laps to start the count down since the SC never goes in before 3 laps
    @jennyannem please advise
  • Online Championship Stuck on "Please wait"

    PS4 - post patch 1.06
    create new online championship from multiplayer .. hit ready. Screen stuck on "please wait" forever
  • Re: Mercedes and FIA cheating

    Lewis is a great driver, yet anyone driving his car will be able to do miracles. Look at Rosherg. Look at Bottas. I do not like Vettel, but the guy did amazing job in a car that was marginally better than Mclaren at those times.

  • Re: Mercedes and FIA cheating

    carpa said:
    Mercedes didn't break any FIA rule but they did break an agreement signed by all engine manufacturers that said that they wouldn't have introduced any new engine before the new regulations in Monza. So they aren't cheating technically
    Possible, but breaking a "gentlemen agreement" is still called cheating, at least this is how I see it