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TARJAM Wheel Nut


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  • Re: Short Qualifying Online Tire Allocations

    Yes .. you can.                             
  • Re: MFD Shortcuts Preview Query - F1 2017

    You can configure preset shortcuts for things like car status, engine status, fuel mix, etc .. 
    so people who have wheels with lots of buttons (or custom nobs) can utilize that
  • Re: 2017 oculus or steam vr support?

    IvanoZ023 said:
    Regarding VR:
    This is what Mr. Lee Mather said to VR and F1-2017:
    PC Games: Codemasters hauseigenes DIRT Rally bietet einen VR-Modus. Warum gibt es diesen nicht auch bei F1 2017?
    Lee Mather: Die Formel 1 ist eine unglaublich intensive Erfahrung und die Herausforderung das Spiel in VR zu betreiben, ist genauso groß wie die, einen vernünftigen Splitscreen-Modus auf die Beine zu stellen. Das gilt vor allem dann, wenn die grafische Darstellung, die Performance und die Physikberechnungen ebenbürtig mit dem sein sollen, was man ohne VR erlebt. Für die Zukunft der F1-Serie werden wir uns die VR-Thematik aber weiterhin sehr genau ansehen.

    Sorry, quote is in german, my native language.
    Short said: Graphics, physics and performance need to be equally in VR as in Not-VR. It's the same problem as is with a split-screen-mode. They will keep an eye on this topic.

    My opinion on VR: It's just a hype! You need a powerfull machine for it. You need the VR-hardware. This all costs a lot of money not everyone is able or willing to afford. And, the most negative point in my opinion: I just cannot see my hands! Press a button on my buttonbox to ask for a pitstop? With these funny thing on my head? Neverever. 

    You are drunk and crazy.

    Why am I?
    Because codemasters are the studio who released Dirt Rally VR on PS4. Immersion is so good that you cannot go back to 2D flat windows!!

    For PC, take a look at iRacing Assetto Corsa Project Cars and the list goes on and on. Their VR support is amazing and graphics is so good even with many cars on track.
    You can even use your PSVR on a PC with the above game, so it is not about hardware, it is about them doing the effort to support it on an official F1 game!! 
  • Re: New GAMEPLAY

    TARJAM said:
    JP072 said:
    TARJAM said:
    Final version + day 1 patch. Another videi coming shortly. A nice race ending in an engine failure with 3 laps to go

    Did the store told you anything about release date or was it simple to get it ?

    And what are those beeps you hear on albert park in practise? It annoys me.its something that whas deff not in 2015.
    The beeps can be disabled. Those are the beeps teams tell drivers to respect to preserve engine and save fuel

    about store thing, I called, asked about availability, they confirmed it is (Last Saturday), went and bought it (Last Saturday) :smile:

    In case wondering, am in the middle east and probably first to have got there!!
    Are the beeps only in cockpit view?
    No .. You can activate them in any cam yet they sound higher in the cockpit view 
  • Re: New GAMEPLAY

    Final version + day 1 patch. Another videi coming shortly. A nice race ending in an engine failure with 3 laps to go