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TARJAM Wheel Nut


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  • Re: F1 2016 game manual

    Oh bloody hell .. nothing to complain about, now complaining no manual!!!! U can check f1regulations in formula1.com and there are in game hints and tips .. 
  • Re: TOO MUCH advantage for players using TC

    FRACTURED said:
    TARJAM said:
    Why do people nag about assists advantage? I run zero assists and in a league that restricts assists so it is fair all around. If you feel disadvantaged with people on assists, join a league that restrict assists

    codies has to reach out to all types and levels of drivers. Simple!
    For the rest of the week when people aren't running their league's it would be nice to have some parity.

    Isn't yours the wheel only league? Same freaking thing.
    What you are asking for won't happen. It has been like that for years and it will remain. Get over it!!

    if they something about it, pad drivers will nag. If they don't, wheel drivers will nag. Make friends with some wheel drivers and drive with them. 

    Other than that, get over it!!
  • Re: Podium celebration online

    That is bad .. People could skip podiums to speed up gameplay, also avatars were introduced to customize your experience, online would have been something. Podium celebration is great for online leagues .. :neutral:
  • GP1 championship Season 5

    following codies announcement of F1 2016 relase date, GP1 championship kicks off its fifth season mid September 

    League is for drivers who are fair, clean, can do 100% races, zero assists, and have steering wheel (we are wheel only league)

    Races are evey other Sunday 18:30 UK time

    interested drivers looking for such challenge, please leave your PSN ID and we will provision test races soon on F1 2015 to gain time until 2016 is out

    Seats are limited so hurry up