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  • Re: Unsporting Drivers

    Well they can apply something like superlicense point system of FIA .. for a certain number of crashes a driver would be banned for an X amount of days to join or create online lobbies

    just a thought 
  • Re: Online Championship - Standing modification

    This grid modifier thing is useless

    1. Need to create a new session with no quali to configure the grid
    2. drivers will get fresh tyres

    Thus applying a grid penalty to someone is meaningless not to mention it screws other player strategies

    this feature should be enabled for a current session where grid can be modified and drivers will keep their used tyres from Q2 if qualified to Q3
    only then this feature would be useable

    @F1Support @jennyannem
  • Re: Any casual PS4 league/gamers that play between 7pm & mid-night

    DEECO said:
    TARJAM said:
    Check gp1c.com.                                      


    Before I register/sign up, is this league only? Or are there commonly live “Looking for Lobby” type posts?

    Like I said....my schedule is so erratic, I would hate to take a slot and only be able to show up for half the races.

    This is a league and you can take a reserve driver seat. So you can join when requested to reserve and help a team score points in the constructors standings
  • Setup reset to default

    if someone looses connection or exits for whatever reason then rejoins, setups reset to default if he retakes control of his car
    this happens in all sessions (practice, quali, race) even if parc ferme is on

    patch 1.9
  • Re: Mercedes and FIA cheating

    I was lucky to have watched Hakinen, Schumi, Alonso when F1 was a drivers sport. It has become a tech sports 100% .. which is boring. !!!

    again am not saying Lewis is not fast, but He is no match to Senna, Schumacher, Hakinen, Alonso .. those are drivers who made glory by pure skill ..