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  • Re: "Performance update"

    The thing is: their chassis in the game is nowhere near as good as it should be, compared to their performances in real life. Engine is terrible, but even still, they can reach Q3 quite often due to their good aero package. So why in the performance charts Mclaren don't have a good Aero/Chassis ? Have a look at their performance at the Singapore GP in real life and then compare it with the game at the same track and you'll see why this thread is important.
  • Re: "Performance update"

    I can't believe that they didn't even touch in Mclaren's performance. They are still bottom of the grid fighting with Sauber in this new patch! What is this??Have you guys at Codemasters seen the real life's Grands Prix?
  • Massive Glitch in Online

    This bug happened to me while playing in a session with One Shot Qualifying mode.The car kept driving forever and everyone had to leave the game because we couldn't even acess the pause menu. Very strange glitch. I play on PS4

  • Re: AI too fast in practice

    I can confirm this is not true. I always play the whole practice and in the first laps you can already see that you're "too slow". I created a thread about this in 2016 and still is the same thing. Have a look if you want to http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/46803/a-i-in-practice-is-way-too-fast/p5
    So probably they will not fix this again? Really? For me, its ruining Career or weekend experience. One of the most important part of the game is the Free Practice. You need to know what is the best setup, best fuel and tyre managemente and without a parameter, all  of this is impossible and a feeling breaker too!!!

    Codemasters need to fix it!!!!

    And yes, we dont even have to finish practice to notice this bug. On the very firsts laps with the same tyres you see the difference.
    It's a shame. The only thing that comes to my mind is: what's the point of PRACTICE ( name speaks for itself and, of course, i'm not talking about gaining resource points, 'cause thats not my point) if you can only know in QUALIFYING that your setup is so wrong that your team mate is miles ahead of you? But you are screwed already as you can't change your setup due to parque ferme and therefore your weekend is basically done 'cause of this bug. Doesn't make any sense to me, man.What's the point?
  • Re: A.I in practice is way too fast

    VDV23 said:
    OP is right, there's definitely a glitch there. At least on XONE. 

    In FP1 my teammate is around 1.4s faster
    In FP2 it gets down to 0.9s
    In FP3 is around 0.4 - 0.6 (depending on circuit and how sh&% I have been 

    I test with the lowest fuel possible, matching compound with Palmer and using Rich where I feel it is really beneficial.

    Then qualy comes and there is less than 0.1s between us (on Ultimate). Pace is matched on Race as well with me being slightly faster (usually finishing 4-12s ahead of him). So that 1s+ in FP1 is some kind of a bug.

    I definitely feel there's a glitch with the track rubbering-in practice sessions. It's like for the AI the track is already fast and they have proper grip while for the player it is still green (as it should be). It's not big deal really but it's a bit hard to gauge yourself against the AI during practices. 
    This is exactly what happens to me! Thanks for sharing.