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  • Re: Como mudar o áudio do jogo?

    Tente mudar o idioma do console para o inglês
  • Why can't we change the language of the game?

    I live in Brazil, but i hate the portuguese commentary on the game.So why can't we change the language like we could before? I remember playing other  F1 games where i could change the language.

    coolieboy said:
    Do you have the latest update, v1.80? Also have you to tried to delete all files including save profile and perform a fresh install?

    Pretty sad no one from CM has answered....usually @Lozzy answers all these threads tough. My guess is that you'll get an official response tomorrow. 
    I hope they do answer :/ anyway, thanks for trying to help!
  • Re: The contact offers at the end of the season are broken

    patronas said:
    1henryw said:

    "no top tier driver is going to give up his seat in a championship car"

    errr Hamilton did just that in 2012 when he signed for Mercedes for 2013 who were FIfth in the 2012 constructors. Know your F1 it happens all the time when drivers seek new challenges. As for drivers never starting out with top teams. Ummmm Lewis Hamilton's first season ever was with Mclaren!!!! He finished second in the championship. Damon Hills first full season of F1was with reigning champions Williams. It happens!

    Hamilton went to mercedes in 2013 with 2014 been in mind he knew merc wernt going to be fighting for the title in 2013 allthough the did come close but it was the promise of what merc were doing for 2014  with the new regs that perswaded him to go to merc merc were working there way up from 2010 to be ready for 2014 he all so wanted to branch out on his own set his own terms and he wanted a new challenge but I dont think he would of went there if it wasent for the promise of 2014 if merc hadent put all there work into it that the had put in at that stage its no secret merc was the first team to start on the 2014 project well before any other team put a thought into it fact 
    If the R&D in this game worked, we would be able to do the same thing that Hamilton did. For an example: Move to Mclaren ( who promises a car able to fight for championships in the future ).
  • Re: why dont you get contract offers when with top teams?

    dwin20 said:
    What is the likelihood of Hamilton being offered a contract by a lower level team? Or Vettel being offered a contract by a lower level team? Is that a real possibility?
    When Hamilton joined Mercedes they weren't a top team, mate