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  • Re: 2017 MAGA United States Grand Prix

    Damn, Bottas is underwhelming af. Vettel's going to retire from the race. 


    Hopefully Lewis wraps it up tomorrow so we can put this season to bed, and so I can start dedicating my weekends to football and NBA again till March with no Johnny Herbert or Simon Lazenby in sight. 

  • Re: Anyone else fed up with SkySports one-sided viewpoint?

    Yeah I'm normally a fan of Brundle but that article is trash. His point on Vettel having no right to complain about Alonso is dumb. That could be used against every driver on the grid based on something bad they've done in the past. All this said, there's a wider point...

    Also, this may be me reading into it a bit too far, but I wonder whether their disapproval of Vettel is connected to the fact that, until recently, Vettel had been leading the championship, despite driving a car that is clearly inferior to the Mercedes for the majority of the races. Perhaps this makes it hard for them to defend Hamilton, so they instead have chosen to attack the actions of his championship rival.
    This is spot on. Singapore was a normal racing move off the line, which has been done many times before and will be done many times again. This time around it was just unlucky enough to coincide with an excellent Raikkonen start. Malaysia was a case of unreliability and Stroll falling asleep. And the British media have translated this in to trying to create a narrative of Vettel's "attitude" and "mistakes under pressure" costing him the title. 

    And if Vettel does somehow come back and win this title the first thing they'll probably jump to is Hamilton's bad luck in Baku and ignore the shortcomings in Monaco, his anonymous weekends in Russia and Austria, and his pit entrance mess up that potentially cost him the win in Bahrain. The same as last year. It's just the way it works over here. 
  • Re: 2017 "What we tweeted was a factual description of events. No need to speculate on this" Malaysia GP

    You gotta admit though, everytime you claim the WDC to be over for Vettel only followed by him taking pole or Ferrari having the car to beat next race your claims look more and more... out of touch with reality. 
    Out of touch with reality is writing Mercedes' off after practice, when they finished behind Alonso of all people. But yeah, Mercedes on pole, I hate that I'm right. 
  • Re: 2017 Winest Auto Singapore Grand Prix

    Hughesy said:
    Post what, that you were wrong and really overreacting?
    I said post Silverstone that Mercedes' would comfortably win this championship. I later said this would be barring Hungary and Singapore, as they are the only two tracks that play to Ferrari's specific strengths.

    Since then I've reiterated that feeling countless times in various discussions on here. And now you feel like this pole proves me wrong somehow, despite it being exactly what I said would happen. 

    To make it easier I'll go on record and say Mercedes' will win every other race this season post Singapore, barring bad luck or weird circumstances. You make your predictions and we'll see who's closer come seasons end. Nothing I've said is an overreaction, I want Vettel to win this title bad, but it's just a reality of where the top two teams are right now when you look at the season since Catalunya. 
  • Re: 2017 Winest Auto Singapore Grand Prix

    Hughesy said:
    Yea Ferrari have lost the championship and are going to struggle at the remaining races aren't they.... :expressionless:
    I give up with you. I can only post the same thing so many times before I lose my sanity. 

    Jiggy said:
    So Red Bull were the fastest in every session imagineable by quite some distance too, but falter in Q3, how tf?
    Vettel always just finds a new monster mode in Singapore to go on top of his already very high level of performance. Looking at Friday the RB is the better race car but seen as it's Singapore it will be decided off the line or in the pits.