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  • Re: Alternative to DRS

    Novel idea OP, but (adding to the reasons Hughesy mentioned) is that really much different to the conceptual problem of DRS? It's still an artificial method of getting a trailing car in a better position to overtake, just using a different tactic. 

    We need to also get away from the idea that just "adding ground effect" is the saviour to all the problems. If it was that simple it would've been done already. 

    I've just finished studying Motorsport Engineering at university and I did my final year dissertation on exactly this topic, an investigation in to how we can influence aerodynamic design to allow cars to follow more closely. A large part of that was looking at ground effect. The simplified conclusion was - while increasing reliance on a ground effect system and decreasing reliance on wings did help a trailing car retain a sizeable amount larger % of it's downforce, it's still not to the extent that cars would suddenly be able to follow nose to tail. This was proven in both CFD and wind tunnel testing. I got a first class on the project, and the findings were in line with most other independent investigations in to such matters (if you need credentials). 

    The ultimate conclusion is while we're racing in earth's atmosphere and F1 cars produce downforce, this is always going to be a problem. Ground effect aero could help limit it, but not eliminate it.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Remember when Bottas was the next big thing back in 2014? lol. He's been average for years and it looks like he's going to get rewarded for that with a Mercedes seat :| Uninspiring choice. 

    He's like a diet coke version of Mika, laid back and living the "Finnish way" but without all the unintentional hilarity, character and world champion talent that comes with it. The Mercedes press officers will love him but for everyone else it's going to be pretty dull.
  • Re: 2016 Japanese Grand Prix 年日本グランプリ

    Mexicola said:
    Here's another two cents; please join my grand prix manager game in OT please im a desperate man on the edge i promise it will be fun fun fun please please please i want to fill those empty spaces please please please where is my soul oh wow i found it
    Since you're a man in need, I'll do it. I was going to say "on one condition" but I can't think of any worthwhile condition to impose. 

    Game looks kinda complicated but I'll figure it out. 
  • Re: Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada 2016

    Ferrari are just incapable of doing anything right. For the second time this year they have track position over Mercedes' and decide the best course of action is to go for a strategy that requires them to overtake to win. Vettel's mistakes don't even need to be mentioned, it made no difference what so ever and he was almost 60 seconds ahead of Raikkonen on an identical strategy...

    Shout out to all the Hamilton fans though screaming that the title was over after 3 races. As I put in a post at the time, anyone who truly thought that maybe hasn't actually watched a full F1 season before. Rosberg's hobby is getting pushed off the track at turn 1. 
  • Re: 2016 Monaco Grand Prix

    So from practice it looks like Ferrari are the 4th fastest team here... at this point they should abandon the season and focus on the new rules for 2017. If the Renault upgrade works as expected Red Bull are going to pass them in the WCC anyway.