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  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    There were some mild rumours last week that Rosberg had been in talks with Ferrari, but it's a nothing story really. Seems like most of you guys have already sacked Massa, I think he'll stay on because Williams won't build up the courage to do so. Even though they'll know there are better options out there. 

    The biggest story is going to be McLaren. There's no way they can leave Vandoorne on the sidelines another year without expecting him to join another team. Therefore I think it will be Button's final year. 

    Oh, and Alonso's never going to win another race again. In fact he'll be lucky to make it to the podium. I'm afraid that's the reality as far as Fernando is concerned. 
  • Re: 2016 Formula 1 Smirnoff Russian Grand Prix

    Hughesy said:
    Oh for **** sake :angry:

    So that's Rosberg winning the race, and probably the title already....
    lol, have you actually watched an F1 season before? Feel like I'm back in 2014. 

    We're 3 races in to the longest season ever and Rosberg's obviously going to have bad luck at some point too. Hamilton is at least lucky in the sense that this stuff is happening in qualifying and not the race. 
  • Re: The F1 2015 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game

    Let me guess. Pretty much everyone has 11 points  :p
  • Re: F1 2015 Winter Testing

    Vettel had the best car and no real competition for 2 of his championships. With one he got lucky that Ferrari messed up, and the other he really should have beaten Alonso more easily considering the gulf between their 2 cars. 
    Not to throw gasoline on the fire, but I still don't understand this reasoning. It was one race in which Ferrari screwed up, which happened to be the last one. If it happened at the start of the season it would never be mentioned. A title is determined by the full season, and over the whole season Vettel had a lot worse luck than Alonso in 2010. 

    And as a sidenote and unpopular opinion, once the F1 circus arrived at Catalunya the F2012 was the most competitive Ferrari in years. Maybe not so much in qualifying, but it was a strong race car. Proven by the fact Massa amassed the most points of anyone in the second half of the season, Vettel aside. Plus it took Ferrari's highest WCC finish in the past 6 years. 
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I preferred Dasha.