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  • Re: 2017 Pooji TV Japanese Grand Prix

    I think they really need to sort out the Virtual Safety Car. At the last one (and I think the first one too just don't have the numbers), Verstappen was 2.x behind Hamilton, but by the end Hamilton was ahead by 5.x.

    It's because the time gap between cars is dependent on speed, so when the cars enter VSC the gaps always increase throughout the field. 

    To try and give an example - if you were stood by the side of the track and a leading car passes you at a certain point, and there's a trailing car 10 car lengths behind - the trailing car will take longer to get to you if it's going at 100mph compared to say 150mph.

  • Re: 2017 Pooji TV Japanese Grand Prix

    Only thing missing today would've been Seb saying "GP2 engine.... GP2" down the straights. That would've numbed some of the crippling sadness. 

    In all seriousness though, for all the genuine Hamilton fans on here, enjoy the title win. You guys had to go through a lot of **** last year, you've had some of that made up for now. 
  • Re: 2017 Winest Auto Singapore Grand Prix

    Hughesy said:
    Post what, that you were wrong and really overreacting?
    I said post Silverstone that Mercedes' would comfortably win this championship. I later said this would be barring Hungary and Singapore, as they are the only two tracks that play to Ferrari's specific strengths.

    Since then I've reiterated that feeling countless times in various discussions on here. And now you feel like this pole proves me wrong somehow, despite it being exactly what I said would happen. 

    To make it easier I'll go on record and say Mercedes' will win every other race this season post Singapore, barring bad luck or weird circumstances. You make your predictions and we'll see who's closer come seasons end. Nothing I've said is an overreaction, I want Vettel to win this title bad, but it's just a reality of where the top two teams are right now when you look at the season since Catalunya. 
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Hughesy said:
    So McLaren have officially split with Honda, going from a Honda to a Renault engine isn't exactly that exciting though. If they stuck with Mercedes then the works team would have had some competition over the last few years.
    You mean like the competition Mercedes' had in 2014 when McLaren did have Mercedes' engines? I have my doubts.

    The Renault engine is a big upgrade on the Honda. The Renault powered Red Bull was the second best car at Monza, and Ricciardo had no problem slicing through the field. If the McLaren chassis is as good as they say it is, the Renault engine should put them in the mix for podiums, at the least. 
  • Re: Alternative to DRS

    Novel idea OP, but (adding to the reasons Hughesy mentioned) is that really much different to the conceptual problem of DRS? It's still an artificial method of getting a trailing car in a better position to overtake, just using a different tactic. 

    We need to also get away from the idea that just "adding ground effect" is the saviour to all the problems. If it was that simple it would've been done already. 

    I've just finished studying Motorsport Engineering at university and I did my final year dissertation on exactly this topic, an investigation in to how we can influence aerodynamic design to allow cars to follow more closely. A large part of that was looking at ground effect. The simplified conclusion was - while increasing reliance on a ground effect system and decreasing reliance on wings did help a trailing car retain a sizeable amount larger % of it's downforce, it's still not to the extent that cars would suddenly be able to follow nose to tail. This was proven in both CFD and wind tunnel testing. I got a first class on the project, and the findings were in line with most other independent investigations in to such matters (if you need credentials). 

    The ultimate conclusion is while we're racing in earth's atmosphere and F1 cars produce downforce, this is always going to be a problem. Ground effect aero could help limit it, but not eliminate it.