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  • Re: 2017 "What we tweeted was a factual description of events. No need to speculate on this" Malaysia GP

    Clearly, given Merc's pace today, this championship is so over for Vettel. 
    Yeah, even Alonso was faster than them, so maybe he'll come back and take the title. 
  • Re: 2017 Winest Auto Singapore Grand Prix

    Hughesy said:
    Yea Ferrari have lost the championship and are going to struggle at the remaining races aren't they.... :expressionless:
    I give up with you. I can only post the same thing so many times before I lose my sanity. 

    Jiggy said:
    So Red Bull were the fastest in every session imagineable by quite some distance too, but falter in Q3, how tf?
    Vettel always just finds a new monster mode in Singapore to go on top of his already very high level of performance. Looking at Friday the RB is the better race car but seen as it's Singapore it will be decided off the line or in the pits. 
  • Re: 2017 Weber BBQ Australian Grand Prix

    Some more Toto Wolff memes for your benefit:

  • Re: The F1 2016 GP Predictor Forum Game

    VetteIfan said:
    1. Hamilton - 6
    2. Rosberg - 6
    3. Vettel - 6

    1. Hamilton - 10
    2. Rosberg - 10
    3. Vettel - 20
    4. Raikkonen - 20
    5. Ricciardo - 20
    6. Bottas - 20
    7. Verstappen - 20
    8. Perez - 20
    9. Hulkenberg - 10
    10. Massa - 10

    FL: Hamilton - 0
    198 points.... I don't know whether afrodude is still doing this since the results haven't been updated since Hungary, but if anyone has beaten that score I'm retiring from this f**king game forever. 
  • Re: The F1 2016 GP Predictor Forum Game

    I am really hoping that Vettel and Ferrari pull out there first win this race. I'm so tired of Red Bull beating them when they came from nothing. Ferrari have showed so much promise only to be plagued with gearbox issues and bad calls. Ferrari should have 3 wins in the bag already.
    Yeah, and I'm really hoping I can date Margot Robbie. At this point that's more likely than Vettel or Ferrari winning anything.