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  • Re: Martini Stripes in Other Games and their Absence in F1 Games

    Maybe Martini request a lot of money to put their logos in games now? Could be a reason.
  • Re: Can we please have ERS Simulation in F1 2018??

    ERS is pretty complex if done completely, listen from 50:45:

  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I think there might be more content coming, note the use of Dirt Rally with caption: Diverse Content: over 60 cars and tracks from the FIA WRC and RallyCross championships:

  • How complex is ERS?! Find out today! Something for Codemasters in future?

    Assetto Corsa is releasing a "Red Pack", with last year's Ferrari F1 car in, later today. They've tried to model ERS to a high level. If you've ever wondered how complex ERS really is, watch this video from 50:45, where the developer discusses how it works. There's things in there I never knew, and it'll be interesting to have a more hardcore simulation of it.

    Perhaps it's something Codemasters could include at some point in the future, although the Codemasters games are more about having an accurate F1 experience rather than making it as difficult to drive as real life!

    Listen from 50:45:

  • Re: [OFF TOPIC] Sebastien Loëb Rally EVO devs

    ramPage16 said:
    Not that I expected much from them, but man the stages in their trailer look awful. Literally just flat roads.
    Apparently they're 1:1 creations of real life roads. I'll be the judge of that with the UK stages 
    I shall join you aswell its annoying seeing WRC games and they say drive on the Great Orme, i live 5-10 mins away from the Great Orme and i know theres no trees each side of the stage or any trees at all there its all coast and cliff faces, I havn't got much hope for this anyway as its Milestone making it they have a habit of releasing unfinished broken games and release 1 or 2 patches if your'e lucky. I'll see what it's like when they bring out
    Yeah, I always check out the Great Orme stage, having visited it: the first 2 WRC games had a stage nothing like it, 3 and 4 had a cliffside part that was pretty bang on, but only as part of a longer stage with forests. WRC5 had the Great Orme quite close to reality... if it was run in reverse and had a huge castle and island just off of the side in the sea! Check out videos of them on YouTube.