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  • Re: DiRTy Gossip Thread

    From the "Dirt Rally 2 news" thread:

    carpa said:
    Racesimfan said:
    tbtstt said:
    CMMcBabe said:
    You could Count the amount of characters in the Body of the message.
    Good call:
    Madhun1967 said:
    any updates anywhere from Christina yet ?  just curious if you guys have seen any posts on the net 
    Unless you're very, very good at reading in-between the lines of my subconscious, I've not said anything meaty just yet. :)
    103 Characters. 21 Words. 103 divided by 21 is 4.90. 

    I did some quick research, and found found this:

    I also used MS Word to count the characters and words in @ChristinaMc 's  post:


    I know it's not in English bit it says:
          - Words: 20
          - Characters(spaces excluded): 101
          - Characters(spaces included): 120

    If you ignore the full stop at the end you get 100/20 = 5

    These two clues make me believe, codies are going to release DIRT 5, which could mean DIRT Rally was a one-time spinn-off :( 
    Offcourse this is pure speculation and even though @ChristinaMc and @CMMcBabe clearly hint that DIRT 5 is a thing and that it's supposed to come in the (near) future.
    As long as there's no official confirmation this is pure DIRTy gossip  ;) 
    But I think by now it's very clear what @ChristinaMc is going to write about "in the coming weeks"

    Sooo she's talking about a ~30s video (it is actually 34 seconds) and 15 stars collected in said time. She then says 15/3=5 but why /3 and not /30? That's the right number of seconds! Because 15/3 isn't a math calculation, it's a date! 15th March! The announcement date of DiRT 5!

    All this might be due to the fact I have 38.6°C fever. It actually is probably
    This is the brilliantly speculative sort of content I deeply enjoy. Keep looking. ;) 

    It was noted that her post had C and B in caps, I speculated it might be extra RX tracks, perhaps Cataluya, Barcelona?
    Or Canada and Belgium tracks?
  • Re: How did a F2002 mod from AC end up in F1 2017?

    Jiggy said:
    Assuming that's the artist CM hired or something?
    According to his Resume on that link, he's "currently Senior Vehicle Artist Group Lead at Codemasters."

    So, not really outsourced.
  • Re: This is the horrible Halo look (in-game)

    In front of the halo on each car will be this, too: http://en.f1i.com/images/286569-formula-1-span-360-degrees-2018.html
  • Colin McRae Rally 1 on Win8.1 - how I get it super smooth (also on Win8) - partly updated for Win10

    I basically did this:

    1. Install the game from the CD-ROM; on my PC there was no need to set Win98 compatibility, but you might need to.

    2. Once installed, install the 1.5 patch, which can be found here: http://www.patches-scrolls.de/patch/917 - I DID need to set XP compatibility (at least) on that european.exe file, or it wouldn't find the game.

    3. If you now try to run the game, you may get an error 2094. To fix this, use Win98 compatibility on the game.exe file (or the Colin McRae Rally shortcut). If you use XP compatibility or above the game will detect this and say incorrect operating system.

    4. There is a Win7 unofficial patch on the net, which you can find here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150401005453/http://kfyatek-dev.jogger.pl/2011/09/25/colin-mcrae-rally-1-unofficial-windows-7-patch/ however when I tried this patch the game seemed to crash for me, so I uninstalled and reinstalled without using this patch, and now it seems to work. Again, it might just be my setup, so you might need to run this patch.

    5. I can see both opening videos on my PC, as I installed the Indeo video drivers from *somewhere* on the net already. Not very helpful, this bit, I admit...

    6. Try running the game, it *should* work. It might occasionally crash when loading a race though. You'll also notice graphics corruption in the 3D items in the menu, as it uses 256 colour mode, which is no longer supported. However the game will be okay.

    7. Here's the smoothness trick. If you use "Motion Smoothing" option in the games Advanced graphics setting, it seems to lock the framerate to something like 25fps. Just turn that off! There might be the odd glitch every few seconds though, but it's better that judder! I did have an Application Compatibility Toolkit fix for framerates, but that's not needed in Win10.

    And that's it. Sometimes it might crash loading a race though, perhaps the Win7 patch may help more there, I didn't experiment with it too much.
  • Re: Are you going to buy F1 2018?

    I collect F1 games.

    Body is 21 F1 games too short.