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  • Re: RS Dash telemetry companion app for F1 2016 & F1 2017

    stevefoz said:
    I use RSDash on PS4 I have purchased the unlock stuff for PCars 2 and F1 2016, and I’m going to buy the unlock for F1 2017 tomorrow once I buy it from psn black Friday sale. 
    On PCars 2 I can use my iPad and my iPhone at the sameness time but in F1 2016 I can only use one or the other, I tried to get one working then turn on broadcast mode but that just turned off the one that I already had working.
    is anyone else using this app on PS4 with idevices on F1 2016/2017 and able to get multiple devices working with broadcast mode. 
    From memory the broadcast option is broken for the consoles in F1 2016. Instead just set your IP address to .255 at the end. So if the IP of your iPad is for example, set the IP in F1 2016 to be and that will go out to all devices on that subnet.
  • RS Dash telemetry companion app for F1 2016 & F1 2017

    Based on "pCars Dash", the must have companion telemetry app for Project Cars, RS Dash builds on that popular app to add support for F1 2017, F1 2016, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Assetto Corsa, AutoMobilista, iRacing and rFactor2.

    Please note, this app is not free, in-app purchases are required to activate each racing game interface depending on which of these racing simulators you own.

    RS Dash features real-time vehicle telemetry of crucial vehicle data. Designed by a race car driver for race car drivers it includes graphing of rpm, speed, gear, throttle and brake position per lap and a lap chart system including sector by sector breakdown. 

    Get the advantage over your opposition by knowing exactly whats going on with your car at all times. Every litre of fuel adds extra weight and costs you time, not sure how much fuel you need for a race? RS Dash provides live fuel usage statistics so you can see exactly how many liters you need to put in your tank for each racing lap.

    Want more? There is also a HUD and one of the most important things, a dedicated race page showing you critical fuel, tire (wear/temps), brake (temps), damage and lap timing, a must have for any racer.

    Note: Feature availability in RS Dash depends on the racing game this app is being used with as the different games offer varying degrees of telemetry data. 

    This app will work with both the PC and Console versions of F1 2016 and F1 2017 

    Links to get the app and more info about the apps capabilities can be found here http://www.pocketplayground.net/rs-dash. For assistance with setting up the to work with F1 2017 and F1 2016, see the RS Dash support page here http://www.pocketplayground.net/rs-dash-support

    If you have any issues or need assistance with the app please get in contact via our contact page http://www.pocketplayground.net/contact-us or by emailing us directly at support@pocketplayground.net 
  • Re: F1 2017 D-Box and UDP Output Specification

    JuanCarMR said:
    @cjorgens79 in the app in F1 2017, we will need to do all the process of the link the app with the game or it will be on fly like Project Cars is???
    It is a little bit tedious because yo need first of all link them before do any other things, so I do not usually use it in F1 2016. I always forget and when I remember I don't want to exit to the main menu... moreover, the app do not give you much relevant information...
    As far as I know the UDP telemetry settings in F1 2017 are supposed to persist now between restarts on the consoles, however i don't have a console myself to confirm this but we were told this was fixed.

    The new api has alot more information, so it will have pretty much everything (+ some extras) that pCars Dash has for project cars. 
  • Re: D-Box and UDP Telemetry Information

    @Hoo - in terms of the api, the following information (in no particular order) is missing compared to other sim racing interfaces ive linked with
    1. Tyre Temperature (everyone else has this, this is the most glaringly obvious missing field)
    2. Tyre Compound (R3E and AC have this, pCars and F1 2016 do not)
    3. Tyre Wear (pCars and AC have this)
    4. Brake bias (R3E has this, very useful to have available in app)
    5. Damage (the others all support this to some degree)
    6. Fuel Pressure, Water Pressure, Oil pressure (some have this as they simulate this)
    7. Water Temp, Oil Temp (some have this as they simulate this)
    8. Invalid lap (ie off track) indicator (very important for any app tracking lap times)
    9. AI player x/y/z positions (needed for displaying maps with position of all players)
    10. AI player race positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) and lap times (needed for leaderboard and live streaming coverage)

    The UDP packet structure itself  could really use a revision number and packet size at the front so that interfaces can detect any changes to the api that may occur in future updates. A sequence number could also be helpful as UDP packet order arrival is not guaranteed.

    If the developers are going to add some of these things, they must take into account the MTU size to prevent UDP packet fragmentation from occuring, so the packet should not exceed 1500 bytes. The packet size at the moment (from memory) was about 280 bytes, so no problems, however if they add the telemetry from the other competitors then this grows quickly so needs to be considered carefully. F1 2016 has an advantage over the other games though in that the grid size is fixed to 22 cars and the AI opponents names are all known so can be encoded as an enum to save space. Ideally it would be great to have an array of an aiData structure something like the following added 
    byte m_player_id                   // id of player, eg 0 = player, 1 = hamilton, 2 = rosberg, etc
    byte m_car_position             // race position of player, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc
    byte m_lap_invalid               // is current lap time is invalid (ie off track)
    byte m_sector                         // current sector player is in on this lap
    byte m_lap                              // current lap number player is on
    byte m_in_pits                       // is player in the pits?
    float m_lap_distance            // lap distance travelled
    float m_x                                 // world space position
    float m_y                                 // world space position
    float m_z                                 // world space position
    float m_lap_time                   // current lap time
    float m_last_lap_time          // last lap time
    float m_best_lap_time         // session best lap time (needed for qualifying leaderboards when app is started midway through session)
    float m_sector1_time           // current sector 1 time
    float m_sector2_time           // current sector 2 time
    Structure packing would need to be considered so some of those byte fields could be combined into a single byte as the values wouldnt use all the available bits. eg m_lap_invalidated and m_in_pits only need 1 bit each. m_lap_distance could probably be reduced to 16 bit too if needed. 

    You could also technically drop the two sector times and the last lap time fields if  packet space was needed and instead just have a last sector time as the apps could still calculate what they need using just that. 

    Using my bloated example AI structure above for 22 opponents plus adding the other fields at the top of my list would result in a packet size of approx 1184 bytes, still reasonably well under the 1500 byte limit.

    The above is pretty much everything that i have available to me currently in my pCars Dash app from the Project Cars telemetry stream and it has proven to be very popular among the players, providing them with another dimension to the racing which has kept them engaged in the game longer. Hopefully you will consider adding the above to the api as companions apps do help the game retain its players for longer.

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