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  • Re: RS Dash telemetry companion app for F1 2016 & F1 2017

    JuanCarMR said:
    @cjorgens79 for those who bought F1 2016 app and was so poor (not for your work, I know), it should be great if you give us the F1 2017 app for free. 
    The F1 2016 telemetry was very limited in comparison to the new telemetry in F1 2017, hence why the F1 2016 interface is RS Dash had a lot less features. This was all clearly documented on the website in the spreadsheet which showed the functionality available in each interface. 

    It takes A LOT of time to make these interfaces and then to provide ongoing support to answer peoples questions when they have issues with their devices or routers or questions about why the telemetry doesn't provide this or that. Not to mention the ongoing costs i have to incur just to make these apps available, so that is why the app interfaces are charged and why that will not change.
  • Re: F1 2017 D-Box and UDP Output Specification

    @Hoo - Do you think we might be able to get a forum section dedicated to 3rd party apps using your telemetry api?

    I was thinking that a category called "F1 Games - Companion Apps"
    Inside that you could have a stickied "readme first" that clearly informs everyone that the 3rd party apps listed are not made by Codemasters and that any support queries relating to those apps must be directed to the developer of the app.
    Each app developer could have 1 thread inside this category specifically for their app, where they can detail what their app does, provide some screenshots and provide support for their apps via questions posted by users into that thread. 

  • Re: F1 2017 D-Box and UDP Output Specification

    Thanks @Hoo - doing some further digging, it seems CarUDPData is out from the start as m_worldPosition[3] has weird, erratic data in it.
    What language are you developing in, have you enabled structure packing? if not you will be getting incorrect data down that end of the struct
  • Re: F1 2017 D-Box and UDP Output Specification

    Another issue i noticed is that the CarUDPData "BestLapTime" can get set to an invalid lap's time. Ideally this should only represent the best valid lap completed, it means it will always contain the players fastest valid lap time for the session which is something that we need to know for qualifying.
  • Re: F1 2017 D-Box and UDP Output Specification

    @Hoo - Its been hard to find any multiplayer sessions, I've only managed to come across one so far which only had one other player. Either way i recorded the session telemetry stream so i could review it later. I have noticed that the timing fields are a little bit out of sync for the other players, the sector/lap/lapDist change doesn't line up with the sector, last lap time, best lap time, current lap time change. For example, the opponent crosses the start finish line and the sector number will reset to 0, the lap number will increment by one, but the other timing fields will continue to have data from the previous sector/lap (including the running lap time exceeding the actual lap time) for about 10 packets or so. This only seems to occur for the data for the other opponents in the session. The actual players telemetry data updates slightly opposite, it seems the sector and lap number update are a packet behind the rest of the timing data for the player.

    Example screenshot of the player data in excel

    Example screenshot of the opponent data in excel

    Here is the full XLS dump of the CarUDPData for the player (P1) and the opponent (P2)

    The lap/sector/lapDist fields have been highlighted yellow, the other timing fields highlighted light brown. You can see that the sector/lap/lapDist changes occur out of sync for these between the two groups of data. Compare the player (out by 1 packet) with the opponent data (out by 10 packets).

    They should really update simultaneously, otherwise it makes processing the telemetry rather difficult as one would usually process timing changes on the sector boundaries.