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  • Re: Is there anyone still at it?

    I put it away until clubs come in to avoid coming into clubs with the burnout I had after running DR events for two years. I want to be excited to run rally championships, and a break has gotten me back there. :smile:
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    I gave up on the FPS genre years ago, but DOOM made me realize that I didn't grow out of loving FPSs, it's that the modern FPSs just aren't very good in comparison hah. Easily my favorite FPS since like Unreal. Definitely worth the $15, fantastic game.
  • Re: engineers in dirt 4

    There has only been one time I needed more than a single engineer, and I completed the GRS.

    I would really like the option of a more realistic damage system.
  • Re: How long Dirt 4 is going to last?

    versedi said:
    Generally negative reviews started flooding in after one video from popular channel on YT ranting about D4.

    Yeah, the review system is used more as retribution for perceived slights than any reflection of game quality these days, therefore are currently worthless as a judge of game quality.

    Take a look at the recent reviews of GTA V as an example of just how worthless the review system as become. A 2015 GOTY contender with a Metacritic score of 90 is now sitting at "Overwhelmingly Negative" simply because Take 2 shut down some cheat software. Nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the game, or changes made to the game itself.
  • Re: Which handler are you, Gamer or Sim?


    I keep procrastinating on a wheel. I think it's main due to when I was young. I played a racing game (NASCAR series maybe lol, I'm not sure) or the PS2 or PS1 on my brothers steering wheel that he had gotten years before and it was awful, I'd crash one was and then the other, I just couldn't keep it on track. I'm sure advancements in their build and the fact his was probably one of the cheap wheels and outdated then, it's probably a better experience now (and the fact I have actual driving experience) ...but it's still difficult overcoming that fear of it being terrible for me when having to invest $200-$400 into a setup.
    That's a real fear to have, wheels take a lot of time to get used to, and you have to be dedicated to getting thru the phase of being bad at a game you aren't bad at. I used wheels for years, but as time went on the PITA of setting up the wheel and pedals simply meant I played other games instead and avoided driving games. I switched to gamepad when DR released and play far more driving games now. Wheels are cool, but absolutely not worth the effort for me, and I have a nice wheel and pedal setup.