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  • Re: DiRT 4 Road Book - 06/12/17

    Thanks Christina and CM, really excited to try out the new features.
  • Re: DiRT 4 - the Clubs patch [all platforms] - found a bug? Post it here!

    Found an issue with drivers not getting points, I think it has to do with cross platform. Evilsmurf took second place in an event (this is the results after the final stage):

    However he doesn't show up in the standings:

    Looking into it, he ran this event on PS4, but he signed up for the original league on a Steam account. His name in the roster is different than his name in these event standings, so I think there was a problem linking these two accounts to properly apply his points.

    Second issue, not a bug, but I don't see any way to view the points gained on individual events. I just really don't know how the points were generated, and some visibility into this would be fantastic. For now I am planning on hand calculating championship points for our next event until I understand the points distribution better, and the cross platform thing is fixed, but would love to move to the new system to save me the work.
  • Re: DiRT 4 - the Clubs patch [all platforms] - found a bug? Post it here!

    The Wales snow bug was the outcome of the randomize bug, you can hit random, get snow for the weather, then hit 'get stage' and the stage will change to the correct location, but without changing any of the weather settings.

    I was really curious what would happen when I got out on stage, love that it made it snow in Wales.

    Also, the images @KingOfCoins posted with the crazy standings, on the Clubs website the standings do not contain the same garbage data, so it appears to be in the game client only.
  • Re: Analogue Handbrake?

    A digital input is much more realistic, one of the first things done when building a rally car is getting rid of the cable handbrake and replacing it with a hydraulic unit. For all intents and purposes, this makes it an on/off switch. Basically when you pull the handbrake in a real rally car it absolutely needs to lock the rear wheels in all scenarios, anything else is unacceptable.

    That being said, lots of sim racers run analog handbrakes, but I would argue any situation you would need to drag on the brakes is better suited for left foot braking.
  • Re: Is there anyone still at it?

    I put it away until clubs come in to avoid coming into clubs with the burnout I had after running DR events for two years. I want to be excited to run rally championships, and a break has gotten me back there. :smile: