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  • Re: 2017 Mexicolan Grand Prix

    Jiggy said:
    **** off Vettel, bottling it all season long and suddenly he delivers when absolutely nobody cares about the championship anymore.
    Vettel bottled Azerbaijan, Ferrari bottled the rest of the season.
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    The salt is real. It's things like these that make me hate Hamilton. I don't get arrogance on this level. Ferrari were famous long before Hamilton was born and will be famous long after Hamilton retires. Why attack a team like that? What does it gain him?  

    Ferrari are experts at making their own lives miserable... I doubt Hamilton had anything to do with it. I mean Ferrari couldn't check spark plugs, you really think Hamilton is what makes them miserable? 
    He wasn't attacking Ferrari. This is the full quote:

    "I do see the red car, and I am a fan of the company and the brand. It would be an honour for any driver to race those cars, but it has not been an option. If Ferrari wanted me, they would have approached me. I want to work with people who want me. If they don't want me, it is no problem.

    "I am happy to make their life a misery for the next few years. Sebastian just re-signed, so for me and Mercedes, our goal is to make him and Ferrari unhappy for the next three years!"

    In essence, Ferrari haven't offered him a contract so he doesn't want Ferrari to do well. That's not arrogant, that's common sense. Why would he want his biggest rivals to do well?

  • Re: 2017 MAGA United States Grand Prix

    I'm pleased C4 missed out half of the driver intros, they're ****
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

  • Re: 2017 Winest Auto Singapore Grand Prix

    VetteIfan said:
    fIsince08 said:
    As if Raikkonen would be allowed to take the win. And I still disagree. Banking points for second, so long as Lewis stayed behind, would have given him a six point lead leaving the race rather than being 28 behind. Championships are won with consistent podiums.
    If he got in to the lead with Verstappen in 2nd then he wouldn't have had much choice but to take the win.

    But no, that's wrong. You can't win a championship without winning races, and winning races where you've got a car advantage and you can inflict maximum damage. That's how ships are won. "Banking points" is what Vettel did at Monza and Spa. 

    This is especially potent this year for Vettel seen as since Spain he's had a general car disadvantage and will probably have going forward.
    We're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, but I will point out that Hamilton won more races than Rosberg last year and still lost the title.