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  • Re: 2017 Pooji TV Japanese Grand Prix

    It's not over until it's over. Remember 2007.
    Remember my username? ;)
  • Re: The Stuff Thread

    On my way back from uni today I encountered a car going the wrong way around one of the busiest roundabouts in Sunderland  :D
  • Re: The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    Damn that's awesome! Never met an F1 driver yet, still waiting for my moment  :#
  • Re: WELL DONE BAKU 2017

    VetteIfan said:
    Mexicola said:
    VetteIfan said:
    Hughesy said:
    VetteIfan said:
    fIsince08 said:
    This is ridiculous. Vettel also needs a ban for driving into Lewis like that. Unacceptable.
    lmao, get real. The sport isn't that soft, yet. He'll take a penalty but they bumped wheels at a snail pace. 
    Do that in a junior formula and you will get a very severe penalty, doing it in F1 is even worse. Contact when trying to overtake is fine, thats  racing, but ramming someone on purpose is not, you need to take your fan goggles off for a second.

    Gutted for Massa.
    This isn't a situation like Maldonado, who did deserve a ban when he performed his high speed swipe on Lewis. What Vettel did was wrong, I'm not refuting that. But at the speed it happened it wasn't dangerous or even malicious, a ban is OTT. As it was he received a 10 second stop/go, which is the maximum penalty that can be enforced in a race, and well deserved. 

    Incredible race though. Much needed result for Ricciardo, who despite the points gap has been less impressive than Verstappen this year, just skewed by bad luck. Stroll obvious DOTD, been brilliant all weekend. 
    I have to say, I agree with Hughesy here. The speed of which he hit him doesn't matter, at the end of the day he hit him on purpose. End of story, a severe infraction needs to be in place. I think both should have the book thrown at them to varying degrees but don't be under any illusion that what Vettel did was serious.
    You see that's where I guess we just differ in opinion, because to me the speed of collision very much does matter because it goes some way to backing up the
    intentions for contact. In Seb's case it was to basically prove a point and let Lewis know of his annoyance. This is in stark contrast to something like the Maldonado incident, where he was simply trying to wipe Lewis out and cause him damage. If Seb wanted to do that he would've done it with a lot more speed, a lot more force, and not wheel face to wheel face contact. 

    Once again, this is not me condoning it, we can all accept in principle it was wrong but we're just haggling over the penalty. Which, to me, was about right.
    The speed is completely irrelevant. You cannot drive into another driver deliberately out of anger, regardless of speed. Had a piece of one of the cars come off and hit a marshall because of it then we may have had a fatality on our hands - that is the seriousness of this sport.

    In football, it doesn't matter how slowly you headbutt a player, a headbutt is a straight red card and three game ban. Now I'm not saying Seb should get a three race ban, but a black flag or one race ban would've not only taught him a lesson but also served as a warning to the junior formulae.
  • Re: Official Football Thread

    Literally me when I read it.