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  • Re: Abbreviated Names on New Liveries (1.8/1.9)

    Tbh I was excited when I saw the update finally come through but I guess all that excitement went down the drain when I saw that your abbreviated name doesn't even show up on your car for career mode at all.
    It may be a small thing and some of you may not even care and click on something else but to me it makes the game a bit more complete.
    I mean the new Haas livery looks so weird with that grey blank block on the shark fin.
    I hope it's fixable in the new update because if you can do the numbers, then I don't see why it can't do the names.
    Again a bad work by Codemasters. Sorry, what can i say positive. Yes, it's just a small thing in the game, but we can't understand why it's not in the patch.
  • Re: F1 2017 | OFFICIAL HUD [VOTING]

    Great, now we will get the "new" spectator HUD / overlay, but not for the players.
    AND again nothing what we know from tv. What we have is just the official F1 intro before every session, and before the race starts we take a look on the track with official intros. But what is missing?
    - official starting grid intros
    - official broadcast F1 style design overlay / HUD (!)

    Today is a big shame again. Because of the new spectator look, i think this is something, what they want to do for the players too, but this is again something, what is designed by their own and we do not want to have an own Codemasters HUD, we want the official one with everything what we know from TV. For every single player with big options what the player want to see and what not (like the spectator options, just for the player in the HUD settings).

    Codemasters, when do we get the official things!
    It's time!
  • Re: not touching the game on ps4 until fixed

    same here on Xbox One. The bug list is very long. This is the worst release since years!

    For whatever reason the onboard view (t-cam) looks very different compared to the real onboard views.

    - driver helmet is too far back / too much space between the steering wheel and driver
    - cockpit is too narrow
    - tires are too bulky / wide / have a strange angle
    - wheelbase is too narrow
    - missing details like ( foam around the knees )
    - Toro Rosso: steering wheel is very small

    Of course we would have our own camera setting, but we will never be able to reach the original onboard (t-cam) view due to the missing basis.
    For this reason this things should be fixed @jennyannem @Britpoint

  • Re: Interview Lee Mather

    Oh no! Yet another whining topic about that stupid HUD that is only made for the convenience of spectators watching the game at home not for the drivers on the track  :s Why do people want to feel like they are watching a race instead of driving the track?!
    Who the fu** has said that the broadcast graphics are only for the spectator? In TV yes, what else?
    You can use it very perfect for gaming too. It's an official element of Formula 1. We never will be a real driver in this game but more realistic feelings can be given to us by an official F1-style HUD. It's known from television and nobody has to accuston to Codemasters HUD which is like a comic. It would be the same like now, but only updated with the official graphi layout. You are a HUD driver? It may not matter to you if the official HUD would be come. It's just a nother look. The only thing what it can be that you always criticize the official HUD is, that you dont like the official graphics. But thats your own thing. 88% of the community want the official HUD. Looks like that we dont get it in F1 2017, but thats why we are angry and louder this year. We dont get it since years.

    Oh god, and now he is using the sh** example again, but FIFA is using official graphics from television broadcast too. So, this graphics aren't made for the spectator?  Sorry, but this is not a good reason. Like i said we are spectators too, just active spectators and we need lot of informations while gaming. What do you have against it?