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  • Re: DIRT 4 rubbish compared to DIRT RALLY

    senn said:
    I must admit dirt rally handles so much better on my ffb wheel ,dirt 4 I really can't feel a lot ,I've tried changing ffb settings but I have never got any reply from codemasters why this is, I wish I could take disc for dirt 4 back and get a refund, most of my friends said dirt 4 handles brilliant ,well sadly I disagree ,I can't feel going over any huge bumps in dirt 4 , I would like to know if codemasters could help me and a lot of other sim racers as to why dirt 4 feels numb but yet dirt rally feels perfect, am I missing something here, if I could have tested dirt 4 for an hour try before u buy it would have stopped me from buying this game , sadly ffb wheel feel is rubbish and one little update can change this on dirt4 ,any one wants to buy my copy of dirt rally .
    I have the opposite, the FFB is much more direct than it ever was in DR. It used to be quite spongey but it is faster in D4 and definitely better. I'm using a G25, if you want help you need to tell people what wheel you're using.
    I'll take a wild flying guess and say he's maybe on a T300 :smile:
  • Re: Ps4 wheel users beware of thrust master wheels

    ADZA8580 said:
    Keep ya knickers on.

    Just turn tire slip to 0 and everything else turn up to 150

    Im using a T500 on Ps4 and it could rip my arms off with force. 
    I agree there is nothing wrong with the ffb on the T500 apart from the tyre slip issue but the ffb on the T300 is pitiful compared to it as I have both of them so can compare it easily.
  • Re: Ps4 wheel users beware of thrust master wheels

    Aye me too. The T300 can be made driveable if you turn all the ffb to max, set the DOR to 540 using mode and d pad then change steering linearity to -5 or more (on Dirt 4) or +5 or more (on Dirt Rally) - it's still weak but it's a vast improvement over default.
  • Re: Can we have a choice between right hand side or left hand side for dash cam view?

    tbtstt said:
    madwak said:
    I agree with this because as a U.K. driver I find that most of the time in Dirt I'm sat on the wrong side of the car and when using the dashcam I keep forgetting how much more car there is to the right of me, shame they didn't just make the dashcam central to the car.
    Useless fact: the vast majority of rally cars (especially at International and World level) are LHD. 
    They might be LHD but when you've spent 40 years driving from the other side of the car it takes some adjusting to :smile:
  • Re: Dirt4(ps4) Can't PLAY! T500RS disconnects, same spot, EVERY time:( HELP

    It's very playable if you use my temp fix listed above :wink: