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  • Re: Having a wheel issue? Look in here

    I would suggest using the Thrustmaster control panel program on the wheel to check it has the latest firmware. Also you need to check the settings using the control panel because your video shows the brake defaults at 49% which is incorrect it should be zero. I suspect you have the box ticked that links the brake and clutch together maybe?
  • Re: T500 RS FFB Bug - F1 2016 - PC

    Ever since the game first came out on ps4 I've had to turn the ffb strength down to 73% on my T500 because it was trying to shake itself apart, and BTW I've never used flashbacks and the wheel is up to date. 
  • Re: Thrustmaster T500 Inconsistency (ps4)

    @Gogetta I'm very surprised that your T500 feels floaty as mine with the F1 rim on is excellent and much better than the T300 which I also have. I have also tried the G29 and wasn't impressed with it and took it back for a refund. If you are disappointed with the T500 then the G29 won't impress you as it has 'slack' in the gears which introduces a bit of a dead zone when turning between left and right and it clicks.
    Did you have to turn the ffb down on your T500? If I have mine set at anything over 72 the wheel tries shaking itself to bits under heavy breaking.
     Have you connected your T500 to your laptop and checked to see if the software is upto date as this makes a huge difference? Have you changed any of the advanced settings, linearity etc as I didn't have to change anything and there is absoloutley no floaty feeling on mine and the response is instant, the only thing I change apart from the ffb is manually locking the wheel to 270 degrees for the tight tracks instead of its default 360 degrees :smile:
  • Re: DiRT Rally Update - PS4 Patch for Thrustmaster peripheral hardware

    madwak said:
    MFMONK said:
    Please fix that damn game. I have bought my wheel and whole rig for it. How long we can wait for working patch? 
    The game IS fixed with the latest patch, if you want to get very good ffb even on Tarmac then turn the steering linearity setting up to +7 and try the game again. The ffb in my opinion now rivals Pcars, in fact I've only played Pcars for 5 minutes in the last month all my time is now spent on Dirt as the game is transformed with good ffb  :smiley:
    You do realise that linearity does nothing to the force feedback? All it does is change the sensitivity of the wheel around the center.
    It might not for (have you ever tried it when using a wheel) but it does for me and others, it removes the dead zone when the steering is centred and makes the weight transfer on the car far more noticeable so therefore "improves the ffb"
    On the ps4 there is no self centering force to speak of so removing the dead zone means that you are turning against some force all the time instead of turning then waiting for the ffb to catch up. 
    With the linearity set on 0, when you drive down a straight road there is about 20 degrees turn each way on the wheel before the car starts to change line on my setup but when it's changed to +7 there is only about 5 degrees so go figure?
  • Re: Hand break turn with wheel

    I'm on a ps4 and don't have the luxury of the ffb mod so virtually all my settings are on max apart from suspension cos that one was almost tearing my wheel apart :smile:  I'm glad your mates also having fun, I've hardly been able to tear myself away from the game since I figured it out. :smiley: