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  • Re: Codemasters Can we have some sort of official ETA/feedback on fix for t500rs for ps4. Thank you

    I managed to sort my problem with the T500 and PS4 ......... I bought a Fanatec instead - happy days :smiley:
  • Re: Handling of the dirt buggies

    Try stiffening the front suspension so that you don't get so much weight transfer off the rear wheels under heavy braking, it should help prevent back end coming round on you quite a bit?
  • Re: Day One - DiRT 4 v1.02 - Found a bug? Post it here!

    versedi said:
    If you lose your intercom and restart immediately the Co-Driver no longer reads the notes. 
    Could it be because your intercom is not working?  :wink:
  • Re: T500/T300 + dirt 4 = broken still?

    I've tried this but with the 1st 2 set at 99 and all others set at 0 and can confirm that it's stopped my T500 disconnecting HOORAY 
  • Re: PS4 issues - please report here

    CMMcBabe said:
    RT87 said:
    My T500rs keeps getting disconnected while driving a stage in Dirt 4. Haven't managed to finish a stage without a problem, and sometimes the calibration of the pedals doesn't work because they don't go to 100%. Haven't encountered this problem in Dirt Rally or other racing games. Seems a couple of others are experiencing this as well.
    The T500RS is not on our supported peripheral list.  If you disable the force feedback the wheel will not disconnect.

    Just did put of the ffb. Strang enough still keep ffb in the wheel and keeps disconnecting. So that solution did not work.
    If you put the ffb off then you wouldn't get any feeling in the wheel at all?  Go into device management for the T500 within the game and set the first 2 ffb settings to 99 and all the others to zero, works for me and my T500 no longer disconnects and has decent ffb :smile: