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  • Re: Thrustmaster Wheel Workaround

    I've had the update, nothing has changed. 
    The first thing I did tonight before turning my ps4 on was connect my T500 to my laptop and run the thrustmaster control panel program, I changed the setting that tells the program to control the wheel self centering and not the game. I then reconnected to the ps4 and turned everything on, the ps4 then said a system update needed to be done which I let it do. Then I started dirt and manually locked the DOR using the wheel buttons to 360 degrees and proceeded to play the game and as if by magic my ffb was now acting as it should, there was resistance when turning and opposite force when the back end stepped out, I could feel all the bumps and the steering went light when accelerating and heavier when when slowing down, it also went light when spinning the wheels in a front wheel drive car.
     Up until now I've had virtually no resistance when turning and the forces have only started to kick in when the back end starts to step out or going over bumps. I then connected to the laptop again and changed the setting back to let the game control the centering again, tried the game again and everything is still working as it should be.
    Somebody on another forum has suggested that the thrustmaster control panel program only controls the settings when using the wheel on a PC and nothing is stored in the wheel, so I went back into the program and reduced all the feedback settings to zero to confirm that fact and tried it again on the ps4 - everything still worked ok so he's probably right? 
    So to conclude, something that I've done or Sony has done has made my ffb work much better than it ever has done :smile: