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  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    Just seen that there's a patch out for pc and PS4 anybody tried it yet?
  • Re: T500/T300 + dirt 4 = broken still?

    madwak said:
    Uzeby said:
    Anyone can share their settings for theT300 on ps4? Thanks 
    Everything at 150 and it's still ****
    Change your steering linearity to at least -5 and try again?
    I've just been using the old T500 I have which for the most part is working but still disconnects occasionally.  
    Still try changing the linearity, as I reckon CM have cocked it up again? I was using the old T500 too as it was much better than the T300 but now changed to Fanatec elite.
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    Headlong said:
    Headlong said:
    Sho846 said:
    Kris Meeke consulted on modern cars, but why do they not behave like this in the game:

    There is tons more of Sweden onboards and footage to validate that Swedish snow and ice roads are far more loose than it is in D4.
    Look at that innertia / momentum.....that's what is missing I reckon.
    It's not missing in D4, it was missing in DR.

    The more inertia a vehicle possesses the more difficult it is to manipulate it, and therefore the less nimble it is. Think about it. What's more nimble and changes direction quicker, a 400 kg dune buggy, or a 10 tonne truck? Of course the buggy will change direction quicker and will be easier to manipulate than the truck. That's why in D4 people are struggling to do the same the things they could do easily in DR, since DR didn't model inertia properly and the cars seemed weightless.
    So why in DiRT Rally's Sweden, could I do exactly what that RL video shows, and can't really do in DiRT 4 Sweden?  Isn't DiRT Rally therefore simulating RL more accurately (for Sweden anyway), than DiRT 4??
    Because DR didn't simulate inertia and weight properly and therefore you didn't have to do very much to intitiate a slide, and once the slide happened it kept going for a long time pretty much by itself  without you having to do very much since the weight wasn't there to produce enough friction and therefore grip. 

    The tyre model and how grip was simulated at depending on the slip angle also had something to do with it. 

    So effectively DR made you think that you are Colin Mcrae, when in actuality you are not. 
    @Headlong ok I'll take your word for it (haha).  Thanks.  Thoughts on this, I've driven the Ford Escort Cosworth (love this car) in Australia, tweaked the setup and I think it's quite spot on now.  The feeling of oversteer/braking/grip levels etc, but then have driven the same car in Wales and yeah it really felt unintuitive and different...like getting pulled off the road in understeer, having to use the handbrake to flick the back on corners that needed it...thoughts?  Do you think that's legit or unrealistic/buggy?
    Have you tried loading your setup from Australia into your Wales car?  From what I can see some of the car setups are very conservative probably so that casual racers can keep them on the track. I'm currently playing with the group A Lancia in Wales and when I checked the default setup there is no toe in on the front wheels, I added 30 degrees toe in to sharpen up the steering and it's now a completely different feeling car :smile:
  • Re: DIRT 4 rubbish compared to DIRT RALLY

    versedi said:
    mesa said:

    Except sound, and weather effect Dirt 4 is worse in all apsects.
    Codies never told us that we will not get nay real rally stage anymore, just generated too simple corner-after-corner stages way from reality.

    That's a huge lie. They did. Multiple times.

    Forget it, because you'll never be able to stop the blind hatred. People just don't read the proverbial box before they buy. 

    You quoted a bit about the sounds as well, and that's also a huge lie. D4 sounds are far better, and they have more real-life recordings of cars now 
    I've got to disagree with you there, the sound of the stratos was better in Dirt Rally :smile:
  • Re: Can we have a choice between right hand side or left hand side for dash cam view?

    I agree with this because as a U.K. driver I find that most of the time in Dirt I'm sat on the wrong side of the car and when using the dashcam I keep forgetting how much more car there is to the right of me, shame they didn't just make the dashcam central to the car.