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  • Re: Dirt 4 needs an "easy" setting for AI

    Try using a different car, there seems to be some sort of bug that if you use certain cars the AI hammer you?
  • Re: For the sake of the players... where is all the information codies?

    Don't know what all the fuss is about it's just gonna be same s*** different box as it always is. 
  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    ok is anyone on T300 and tried the negative setting?
    I used to have the T300 and used -5 to -9 depending on the surface, I also did the same when I had the T500 and I'm also doing the the same now I'm on the fanatec elite. The looser the surface the more negative you need, and as for improving the ffb the main noticeable difference is when braking gently on a downhill section and giving the steering a slight turn to one side you can feel the backend coming round on you and the harder you brake the more you feel it, and if you do manage to find a nice bit of track with continuous snaking bends you can feel the weight shift instantly as you slalom through them. Another thing to note is I've reduced DOR to 540 as well to tighten up the steering that bit more :smile:

    Edit  - Before the purists start saying they want to play the game as intended by the devs, I used to do the same thing in Dirt Rally to improve the feel but in that game I had to use +5 to +9 to get the same feel as I do in Dirt 4 using -5 to -9  ----- so somethings wrong somewhere?
  • Re: Is Dirt 4 dying

    Before you write the game off altogether try turning your steering linearity to -7 if you are using a wheel and see how it feels? Codies seem to have messed the steering linearity up somehow because in Dirt Rally
    the game felt much better if you used +5 steering linearity but in Dirt 4 it feels better with -5.
    Changing the linearity increases the lower speed turn in and gets rid of the slackness around the wheel centre so you feel the ffb quicker when the rear of the car starts to come round on you and the quicker response allows you to catch it easier. Ive tried this on the T300, T500 and Fanatec elite PS4 and in each case it makes the game much more fun especially if you also reduce your DOR to 540 :smile:
  • Re: Why bother with Rallycross daily events when people are blatantly cheating them

    @SkyRex  -  Nice driving, that's how to do RX :smiley: