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  • Re: [DiRT 4] Constructive feedback on the subject of car-feel and physics: The Ultimate Thread

    gheeD said:

    I dont know what is going on over here, but it certainly isnt right. Rear left tire overloads and the spin starts accelerating way too fast.

    edit: a big issue with the perceived physics is that the tracks are really wild. Wales for example, so exaggerated cambers and roughness right in the profile of the road that such wouldnt fly in real life. Biggest issues with spinning seem to stem from tires catching air, which happen due to the wild profile of the road that isnt realistic.

    But then theres also this...
    Looks like that car just needs its rear anti-roll bar stiffening?
  • Re: Please lose the helicopter hovering just above the stage.

    As the title says, lose the helicopter hovering just above the stage. This is a stupid feature in the game that would never be allowed to happen in a real rally event, it is very off putting when you can see absaloutly nothing through the dust cloud being kicked up especially during a night stage. I'm all for small things happening in stages to try and distract you a bit but the helicopter is too much.
    I've played for many hours so far and not come across this helicopter yet, but getting buzzed by low flying drones coming straight at you now that's a different matter and I've had to duck several times :smiley: maybe I'm not driving fast enough for the TV chopper to be filming me? :smile:
  • Re: DiRT 4 appreciation thread

    I've played it that much that I managed to break my brand new Fanatec PS4 CSL elite wheel.
  • Re: Bear's Happy Place

    JZStudios said:
    I'm finally home again, but what on earth have I returned to!? 

    I was not expecting it to be this bad... I'm glad we have this comfy corner to hide in. 
    So.. The ONLY thing
    I can think of really is that the rally cars have a bit too much grip on gravel, so therefore literally everything else about the game sucks. The graphics, the locations, the RX, the events, the fact it's not DR2, etc...
    The only real legitimate complaint (other than the grip) is that the my stage IS a bit repetitive already. In the Hyundai event on Spain I definitely noticed the same 3 turn on cliff with dead tree on outside because I flew off it the first time.
    Yeah, there are some repeated sections of track. 
    My main gripe is that the pacenotes can at times be inconsistently delivered within whatever speed I have it set to. 
    I had a section in the founders event where the pace notes came one after the other for about 30 seconds with not a breath between them, I completely lost the plot as to to which one I should be taking notice of and then all of a sudden they seemed to go back to normal. Not sure if it was a bug or whether the track really was that complicated as I had sensory overload :smile:
  • Re: Day One - DiRT 4 v1.02 - Found a bug? Post it here!

    versedi said:
    If you lose your intercom and restart immediately the Co-Driver no longer reads the notes. 
    Could it be because your intercom is not working?  :wink: