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  • Re: F1 2017 Featurelist (Updated)

    LSKone said:
    So the game is out next week, and there is still no solid information on the improvements of the multiplayer part.
    I am very concerned, since F1 2016's mp was a mess. Does anyone have any confirmed info on that topic?
    Other than it exists and you can us both the 2017 and classic cars in it not really but I douibt much has changed in that department anyway.
  • Re: Chanage Team Mate?

    Dboyking1 said:
    Imo at the end of a season you should be able to choose your team mate for the next season if you stay with the same team. Last year I said this and somebody said that as a driver you don't get to choose a team mate irl but as we now get to set the full R&D path for the team that argument falls flat.
    I think they want a little bit of control and add a bit of randomness to the game so I don't think it matters that much. Plus tbh I don't really care most of the time who my team mate is. I'm too busy having fun racing.
    I would say that after you've finished the season and you get a contract the team who signs you has control of their driver, more realistic, but I think this system is better than other games because for example, when you're second driver you race with Hamilton but when you become 1st driver you drive with rosberg. I found that odd but in the end having an underperforming teammate can be helpful, (makes you look better ;) , Think of Hülkenberg and Palmer)
    yeah that's what I was trying to say there tbh. Either way I'm looking forward to this game.
  • Re: 2017 - okay for novices?

    Timm53 said:
    Hi Guys,
    Can I ask is 2017 more in line with the more professional driver or would it good for a novice driver? Reason I ask is what videos I have seen seems to very complex for a novice with all this R&D things etc. I am currently driving 2016 which i find a nice balance of not to much in depth things but enough to keep you thinking. 
    Codemasters have always looked to cater everyone (novice to hardcore), it might look complicated at first but you will probably get the hang of the R&D pretty fast.

    If not you can always rely on the engineer who will suggest what parts to install next. So yes 2017 is okay for novices 
    yeah you can set it all to automatic if you don't want to worry about it yourself or until you do get a handle on it. CM tend to design their games in such a way in that anyone can pick up and play even people with disabilities such as myself. So it's nothing really to worry about you just need to check the options/settings over before you start really much like with any game. One of my favourite bits about these games is unlocking upgrades/new powers and putting them to use in RPG style games so I don't think I'll have any problems figuring the system out.
  • Re: REPLAY: Lee Mather career mode live stream

    Dez0808 said:
    Never seen the game on Xbox before. Graphics look terrible. The shot of vettel on podium looks 10 years old
    It was on PS4 (not Pro). But the stream quality was generally terrible when I was watching it live, so I wouldn't read much into that.
    Agreed the quality of the stream wasn't good. It was interesting to see the game in action but that's about all I can say about it. But tbh I don't think I picked up too much from that other than it pretty much handles the same as last year for the most part
  • Re: F1 2017 career trailer

    Well I'm pretty much sold now that I've seen the skill tree. Looking forward to it.