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  • Re: Blocking forum users

    yeah ther ca nbe a few nasty what w emight call trolls on forums I just tend to ignore them if I see their username although hI have started blocking a few on the BSN forum I'm a member of. As ther have been a few on there still going on abou thow poor they feel Mass Effect Andromeda was. But then the same thing happened around ME3's ending as well. I just blocked them because I got tired of looking at it. As far as I'm concerned what happened with MEA is water under the bridge now I've moved on it's a shame they haven't. I still play the game because I enjoy it but it can be tiresome when trolls keep poking you for a reaction. Even months later
  • Re: EA games for F1 2017 anyone?

    j90 said:
    Oh please, no. I don't want to install Origin.
    Wouldn't bother me as I already use it for various games
  • Re: Official Football Thread

    Jiggy said:
    Lukedfrt said:
    Yeah they definitely shouldn't have sacked him, needed another 5 games to settle the players in properly. I'm gutted it didn't work out, he had a real connection with the fans.. I do think he's a bit overrated though, and he has made a few questionable signings that we're now left with.
    That's Harry Redknapp in a nutshell, popular figure, but a lousy manager, odd tranfer dealings that can cripple a club for years to come and an overall lousy human being.
    I wouldn't say he was lousy  a lot of the time he was working at clubs with pretty limited resources and a lot of the time were facing stuff like relegation and a lot of the time he saved them. As for the weird transfer dealing the people who own the clubs are probably just as much if not more responsible for that than he is.
  • Re: Driver Change Update?

    Won't happen, they didn't switched Haryanto either last year.
    yeah not likely to happen I'm afraid.CM tend to only do things like that while the game is in production but seeing as it's now left  that and is out in the wild it's harder for them to do.
  • Re: The Game Thread!

    Project Cars has AI? I guess in this instance it stands for "Artifical Idiots". It's pretty hard telling them apart from most online players.

    Still looks like an upgrade on the first one, however. :lol:
    In that vid it certainly does that's for suer but yes it does have AI but I've nevre found it as good as CM's though. Graphics wise I'd say P Cars is the better game but gameplay wise I think CM win. At least for me they do. I do like the way both CM and SMS games play though.