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  • Re: Team Orders?

    JamesG said:
    MattCecil said:
    It was in 2012 and worked, it would be nice to have it back

    Was it really? I've never experienced or come across it?

    I think it would be interesting if you're blocking your team mate (which I sometimes do), you have your engineer coming on the radio telling you to move aside for him. Refusing to do so could have implications with your relationship with the team and lessen the chances of them renewing your contract.
    Neither did I I never saw it in 2012 and I still play it from time to time. I don't think team orders have ever been in the game.
  • Re: Developers will there be f12017

    Personally I think I'd like CM to keep the license as 2016 on thje whole is a good game. I think the ideas they put into career mode are pretty solid but they need more work and the R&D system in the game needs to be more meaningful and be useful throughout all 10 seasons not just the first 3/4 of it. I haven't been playing it lately but that's more down to me not really being in the mood.
  • Re: What was your favourite F1 car?

    I have 2 really and they're both Williams don't remember rthe number bu the cars that took Mansell and Hill to championship glory. One of the few things I like about F1 2013 classic edition was being able to drive those cars for myself in that game.
  • Re: Any ideas of when the latest PC patch will come to Xbox?

    When Microsoft gives it the green light unfortunately with consoles CM have to rely on Sony and MS to give them the green light before it'll come to thos esystems the only reason PCget it first I because with Steam CM don't have to jump through any hoops like they have to for the console makers. Just the way it is I'm afraid.
  • Re: What team did people choose for career mode + how is it going?

    I've chose Williams won the championship in my first season and finished second in the constructors behind Mercedes about 100 points clear of Ferrari in 3rd.  A lot of results came out pretty samey me winning the 2 Mercs 2nd and 3rd with Ferrari fighting for the occasional podium if the Mercs had a problem so I'm thinking I might mix things up a little bit for my 2nd season by throwing a few wild cards into the mix  maybe take the AI upto medium possibly turn damage on that sort of thing even if I can get a safety car or 2 to liven it up and bunch the field together would be good I think so I have to fight the AI more because in a lot of my season I did run off into the distance nevre to be seen  again a lot of the time. I don't want to raise the difficulty too much as I still find the practice programs rather challenging so don't want to take those any higher tbh I just really need the pace between me and the AI to change a little which is why I was thinking either turning damage on or raising the AI pace a level. I'll find a setting that's comfortable for me anyway that allows me hopefully a few more fights for next season it's just a case of tweaking it.