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  • Re: Official Football Thread

    Jiggy said:
    Lukedfrt said:
    Yeah they definitely shouldn't have sacked him, needed another 5 games to settle the players in properly. I'm gutted it didn't work out, he had a real connection with the fans.. I do think he's a bit overrated though, and he has made a few questionable signings that we're now left with.
    That's Harry Redknapp in a nutshell, popular figure, but a lousy manager, odd tranfer dealings that can cripple a club for years to come and an overall lousy human being.
    I wouldn't say he was lousy  a lot of the time he was working at clubs with pretty limited resources and a lot of the time were facing stuff like relegation and a lot of the time he saved them. As for the weird transfer dealing the people who own the clubs are probably just as much if not more responsible for that than he is.
  • Re: Vehicle Damange

    Luke1991 said:
    You could lose your rear wing even in Formula 1 on PS1.
    yeah I've had it on the Geoff Crammond games but not on CM's. I've lost the occasional front wing when playing with damage on but that's as far as it's gone.
  • Re: The Game Thread!

    Hughesy said:
    I’m looking forward to FIFA as well, I’m getting the Switch version though so I can play at work. It’s out the same day as Forza (if you have the ultimate Forza edition) so I probably won’t play Fifa much that day. I’m hoping it arrives a day early so I can play it then. The story mode doesn’t interest me all in Fifa as it’s crap, so I’m happy it’s not included in the Switch version.

    Shame as I actually enjoyed the Journey mode last year and given they've expanded on it a bit this year by giving us moer options I'm looking forward to playing it. I'm mainly thinking of playing Season 1 again to remind myself what happened again before I start on Season 2.

    I have played a couple of matches on the demo and I preloaded the full  game last night but unfortunately it doesn't unlock until Thursday evening 11pm So I have t ofind w3ays to keep myself busy until then. Shouldn't be too difficult though as just going through the Journey Season 1 again will likely take me at least 2 or 3 days

  • Re: Driver Change Update?

    Won't happen, they didn't switched Haryanto either last year.
    yeah not likely to happen I'm afraid.CM tend to only do things like that while the game is in production but seeing as it's now left  that and is out in the wild it's harder for them to do.
  • Re: Components wear and tear is forced and artificial.

    coolieboy said:
    Why can't the wear and tear on parts be dynamic and not lap based?  Because of this, race distance scaling does not work properly and the wear feels too artificial at any distance.  I can not see CM fixing this issue because it seems like a design flaw in the foundation of the game.  It's not a game breaking issue but in the future, Codemasters, don't try and pull a quick one on us.  Soon enough, people will be on season 5-6 out of 10 and this forum will get flooded with complaints.  My friend is already on season 9 and I'm not going to spoil it for everyone....Note to CM, start cleaning up the forum...it will get messy soon.
    it already is messy