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  • Re: Tyre manufacturers

    Personally I'm not bothered whether Michelin, Bridgestone  or Pirelli etc are written on the side of the tyres :pensive:
    Just can't wait to give the classic cars a spin :smile:
    Yeah I'm looking forward to trying all the cars. Need to find my level on the difficulty slider first I suspect but I'm looking forward to it.
  • Re: 4k and hdr not in pc version?

    It might depend on what hardware you have in your system if you have a graphics card that supports 4k then you might be able to run it in that mode. I don't have that kind of hardwqare for 2 reasons 1 I can't afford it and 2 I don't have the room for it either. As I'd need a 4k tv as well to make it work It just depends on what you want I think. Besides I'm happy running at 1080p so I'll stick with that.
  • Re: Tree-mendous progress! A look at F1 2017's R&D System

    Indeed this is what ultimately sold me on the game so I'm very much looking forward to it.
  • Re: what teams is everyone choosing for career

    Mclaren. Jenson's making an early return alongside Fernando.
    Or Renault. Kubica's coming back. Because he's definitely replacing Palmer.
    Or Williams. Susie Wolff did get that drive. Wouldn't do any worse than Stroll.
    Or Red Bull. Vergne got the job instead of Kvyat and has a second rivalry with Ricciardo.

    Sod it, I'll do them all since there's finally multiple saves available.
    Yeah it was your mentioning of Susie making it with Williams that gave me my roleplaying idea for F1 2017 or at least made me think about it.
  • Re: what teams is everyone choosing for career

    Dboyking1 said:
    : Hamiltons story into F1 really (Go karting to F1 and some competitions along the way)
    : First woman in F1, proved the haters wrong and got a seat alongside Stroll as Massa retired
    : Mick Schumacher continues the legacy as his father
    First woman in the modern era of F1 you mean? There have been several already...I may also play as Williams along the same lines and become the first woman to podium and win a race then the first woman to be world champion.
    yeah that's the story I hope to play out with my Sara Ryder.