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  • Re: AI Difficulty by circuit

    Hey guys,

    Now that we have a difficulty slider, what are the tracks you consider the hardest ones in terms of AI? For example, Australia seems to be one of the tougher ones. I remember topics like this back ago for previous F1 titles.

    Personaly I would say Monaco so far. Don't know what kind of fuel AI is using there but with the same difficulty i'm far behind in sector 3!

    yeah Monaco I would asy as well as they totally blitzed me in my career mode race there finished the race 2 laps down even though I've got a prett ydecent car underneath me and am usually near the front fighting for podiums and wins. Going to have to drop the difficulty level down when I race there again.
  • Re: Components wear and tear is forced and artificial.

    coolieboy said:
    Why can't the wear and tear on parts be dynamic and not lap based?  Because of this, race distance scaling does not work properly and the wear feels too artificial at any distance.  I can not see CM fixing this issue because it seems like a design flaw in the foundation of the game.  It's not a game breaking issue but in the future, Codemasters, don't try and pull a quick one on us.  Soon enough, people will be on season 5-6 out of 10 and this forum will get flooded with complaints.  My friend is already on season 9 and I'm not going to spoil it for everyone....Note to CM, start cleaning up the forum...it will get messy soon.
    it already is messy
  • Re: The Game Thread!

    Hughesy said:
    Well a long with being quick in the wet during qualifying, I was quick in the race. I got my first points finishing 9th and Alonso came 10th :D
    Alonso must be delighted he's probably almost forgotten what it feels like to score points :p
  • Re: The Game Thread!

    thought you might appreciate this vid @Hughesy as it's quite funny what Ben did regardin the fact he's driving for McLaren like yourself.

  • Re: F1 2017 Out...

    Sounds like you got what you paid for. You pre-ordered on the PSN store. You knew the game would only be available at the official release date not before that.
    So what are you getting your knickers in a twist about?

    You made a deal, some people got a better one. As far as I'm concerned, you knew what the deal entailed and you still took it. Stop blaming others if they get a better one and stop blaming others for your own mistakes.

    Besides the game is not going to get any worse just because you have to wait a few more days.
    yeah in fact the ones who have it now will likely be in worse condition because it won't have the day 1 patch yet. So being patient and waiting those few extra days for it with the patch is for me I think a better move.
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