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  • Re: Difficulty spike at Monaco

    australia is easy as it comes. love the track
    I wouldn't say that as Australia's one of the tracks I also struggle with (though I did win first time out there on 2017) not as much as Monaco though. My strongest tracks are Bahrain Abu Dhabi and Canada. For me Singapore is somewhere in the middle in that sometimes I get a good race there sometimes I don't. It is a bit easier now that they ditched that Singapore sling chicane they had when the track was first brought in.
  • Re: Difficulty spike at Monaco

    Monaco may feel harder as the cars are wider this year maybe? I know that the closeness of the barriers there does effect my 'nerve' as it were. I wonder if I too will be slow there this year.

    Possibly I was just comparing itto the other tracks in the game as it just feels much hardre this year compared with the previous years CM have done it. I admit Monaco has never been a good track to me but the difficulty level seems much higher this year compared with the other tracks in the game. In previous years the difficulty felt a bit moer balanced so I kind of let it go. This year it feels like the difficulty of Monaco has spiked. That's all I was saying.

    Oh and thank you @rabbitbAJ but I'd already figured that much out before you said anything.

  • Re: Difficulty spike at Monaco

    rabbitbAJ said:
    Has anyone else noticed a difficulty spike at Monaco as it seems much harder this year for some reason. I admit I struggle at Monaco but this is a bit ridiculous as even on a bad weekend I'm usually at least on the same pace as the backmarkers this year the cars seem to be 9 seconds a lap faster than me. It feels like they're powered by rockets not proper engines. Was just wondering whether anyone else noticed this.

    Nope - I'm faster than ever before at Monaco - maybe you just aren't as good as you think or and should consider turning the difficuilty down there.
    I was actually using the same difficulty as I had for the other tracks in the game
  • Re: Use your driver in championship, gp modes (modern cars)

    sirio994 said:
    I don't know if it is possible or not due to licensing issues (but i believe it is since you can do it in career mode).

    I'd love to be able to play with my driver in championship mode or single gp mode.

    It is an easy feature to add (a simple square button to advance and replace the selected driver). I don't think i'm the only one who doesn't like the whole carrer mode concept. 

    It would help people to create their own custom carreer. Carreer mode doesn't have a lot of options...for example i would play it without R&D.

    Only racing avoiding the whole context...
    In some of the championships you can I did the sprint championship recently with my driver avatar.
  • Re: AI Difficulty by circuit

    Hey guys,

    Now that we have a difficulty slider, what are the tracks you consider the hardest ones in terms of AI? For example, Australia seems to be one of the tougher ones. I remember topics like this back ago for previous F1 titles.

    Personaly I would say Monaco so far. Don't know what kind of fuel AI is using there but with the same difficulty i'm far behind in sector 3!

    yeah Monaco I would asy as well as they totally blitzed me in my career mode race there finished the race 2 laps down even though I've got a prett ydecent car underneath me and am usually near the front fighting for podiums and wins. Going to have to drop the difficulty level down when I race there again.