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  • Re: F1 2017 Featurelist (Updated)

    So you're the forum appointed sexist comment moderator? Or just a keyboard warrior with delusions of grandeur?

    FYI in the modern world women don't need big strong men to defend us from the big bad sexist people on the internet, thanks but no thanks. Besides if you'd bothered to establish the context of the above comments you'd realize they are not as they sound. 

    Have a nice day :)
    maybe he's one of those SJW's that they talk about a lot on the BSN. :p
  • Re: 10 Season story line?

    haydn23 said:
    Will the story line reset every year or will it be multi season?  Say if I become world champion in the second season will I be treated like a world champion in the third season (get the number 1)? What about a new team mate? Can my team mate be replaced over multiple seasons? 
    I believe the story line does continue because it has does in previous games. But also the car dev carries over so again I would suppose so.

    Yeah I think it's going to be more like the earlier games I think where the car performances are different from season to season depending on how the previous season played out. Season 1 will likely be as they are now but from Season 2 onwards it'll depend on how things finish at the end of Season 1 and so forth. Basically like what we saw with F1 2010-12. It'll only reset when you start a new career mode. It won't be like F1 2013-14 where it reset after every season. At least I hope it won't as that's what annoys me most about those career modes
  • Re: I suck at Monaco

    You need to set your car for MAX downforce. This is one of the few tracks where more time is gained through the corners, then on the straights (unlike Monza). Monaco is essentially where you need all the downforce required, as well as grip and acceleration. 

    I agree it's one of my weakest tracks on the games as well if not my weakest but I do tend to do better using higher downforce settings there als oso,metimes running softer springs there often helps as well.
  • Re: We can't select car number 1 after world champion

    Byrne said:
    Actually @EnsiFerrum the reigning world champion has the option to use his own number or he can have the number 1. So Hamilton did have the chance to use number 1 this season he just opted to keep his own number
    Correct the reigning champ can have the No.1 if he wants Hamilton just chose to keep 44
  • Re: Is it worth buying?

    yeah I've not seen an bugs at all in my game so far. The only issue I'm having atm in fact has nothing to do with the game itself but personal which is kind of limiting my opportunities to play the game to the extent I want to at the moment because I've got a medical problem atm which has meant I've had to take a lot of bedrest which has limited the time I've been able to spend with the game. But so far what I've experienced I've enjoyed. It's just unfortunate that the medical problem I have started around the same time F1 2016 came out.